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    Fermenting Under Pressure

    which is why the bigger breweries recirculate their tanks by pumping bottom to top so that the yeast get an average pressure exposure....
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    this is an excellent point. we'd no doubt be a stronger species today if it were not for the removal of natural selection agents which is what medicine does.
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    Any Other Hobbies?

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    Any Other Hobbies?

    And when it happens ?
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    do they have a choice like you do ?
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    justify what animals you eat anyway you like Stu. there is no why. Some people just dont see that anything has to die so they can eat it.
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    the point is, is it right or wrong to eat animals. if yes, which animals are right and which are wrong.
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    what (some of) the chinese and koreans eat without a care....
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    Would you eat dog meat ?
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    I refuse to eat my national animals.....
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    Blowoff Suck Back

    I also had this problem. Actually its a good problem to have, because it means that your fermenter can hold pressure if needed (eg fermenting under pressure if thats what you want to try, but its another story). I solved it two ways. 1) instead of a liquid receptacle, just cover the end of the...
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    Why Red IPA?

    purely its appearance. and I find its a challenge to actually get a proper "red" hue though if you beam natural light through any very dark beer you might see red tints... most people that try to make a red beer seem to end up with brown mud, myself included
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    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    lol has to be filmed in grafton....:barf: https://urbandictionary.store/products/mug?defid=5554715
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    Cube chilling- possible alternative to hop additions

    thats the science, but its simply incorrect to say it doesn't add bitterness. Isomerised alpha acids = IBU's bu that is not the only thing that can make your beer bitter.
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    Says who ?