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    Immersion Pro and Brewjacket for sale

    Hi ronin possibly interested. What caused the putting? Any chance of a close up? Ever tried at lager temps?
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    Mash Tun, Kettle and misc gear. Brisbane.

    Ill take the regulator please! Cost for postage to Victoria?
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    WTB Kegs (AEB or similar good quality preferred)

    Hi All I’m just wondering what the going rate is for good quality kegs? I’m thinking AEB or similar. New they are around $150. many thanks.
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    FS: Braumeister 20L (pre-2015 model)

    Reduced to $1100
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    FS: Braumeister 20L (pre-2015 model)

    opps.... $1250.
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    FS: Mini Regs (two)

    Two mini regs for sale $20 each. Pick up Sunshine or postage (at whatever AusPost costs)
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    FS: Braumeister 20L (pre-2015 model)

    Braumeister 20L Pre-2015 model with grey control box. Second owner. Works perfectly, all cleaned and ready to be used. $1250 Pick up Sunshine Victoria.
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    Complete Brewing Kit

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    FS: 19L Corny Kegs - Melbourne

    I’m interested in two. Dm me your mobile number so we can discuss?
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    False bottom mesh

    Yes please! Where about a are you?
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    FS: 1/2 BBL SS Brewtech Fermenter

    $850 each or for both?
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    Braumeister 50L for sale - Melbourne

    Interested but closer to $1500. Let me know if you’re flexible. Thank you.
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    Braumeister sold yet
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    WTB Speidel braumeister 20L

    hi all First post here but have been brewing for a while. I’m interested in buying a 20 litre braumeister as an experimentation brewer, rather than using my full 3V for trying out recipes. Please hit me up you have one for sale. Located in Victoria preferred but not essential.