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    At last, a hobby that saves money!

    My contribution is having a chuckle at the ridiculous concept that homebrewing is a budget conscious way of enjoying your favourite beer (or any beer for that matter). If you ignore equipment costs then yes, brewing your own beer is quite cheap. However, I can tell you though from experience...
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    At last, a hobby that saves money!

    Saving money!!! Now I've heard everything......
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    RIP Pistol Patch

    I also haven’t logged on here for some time but saw this post on the post summary email that gets sent out. Big thanks to Pistol Patch and the awesome and detailed BIAB guides that he wrote all those years ago. The way I learned to brew was to read, read and re-read those guides while trawling...
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    Mead starting gravity

    I plugged your recipe into the GotMead recipe calculator and your OG should be around 1.090. Getting a stable gravity reading isn’t hard with mead but you will need to do more than shake it up to mix. You will need to warm the honey first to dissolve it into your water and don’t add it all at...
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    Is my beer infected

    That’s a pellicle right there!
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    IPA with Lactose

    I think zero lactose is the best amount to put in an IPA
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    Water stabilizer pH 5.2

    It doesn’t work, don’t bother. There are plenty of historical threads here about why it doesn’t do what it is supposed to.
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    Homebrew Competition - Australian Regional Homebrew Champs

    You are quite right, that is what the OP is stating. The implication being that other comps are not fair and equitable and do not have clear rules. That is how they alone can create the ‘leading platform’ right?
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    Homebrew Competition - Australian Regional Homebrew Champs

    It's right there in bold text, the implication of this statement is clear.
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    Homebrew Competition - Australian Regional Homebrew Champs

    To be fair other comps also have clear rules and I’m not exactly sure how they are not also fair. Perhaps concentrate on running your own comp successfully rather than slinging baseless shite at others.
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    Melbourne - sodium percabonate bulk buy

    1. Nullnvoid 2. Nullnvoid 3. Haciluku 4. Nathanvonbeerenstein 1/2 bag - if anyone near Scoresby/Knox wants to split! 4a. Yuz 1/2 bag 5. Company of one 6. GalBrew FYI, I put my last bulk buy percabonate in a 20l plastic bucket. It worked fine for 3 years (have recently run out), so even if you...
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    vicbrew 2018 _ aabc 2018

    A queued judging system was used this year using judging pairs. Depending on the size of the category up to 4 pairs of judges were used.
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    vicbrew 2018 _ aabc 2018

    Hmmmm, that is quite a few more than last year. If anyone wants to volunteer, your help will be appreciated! Remember you get to drink as you work!
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    vicbrew 2018 _ aabc 2018

    It’s not that dire is it?
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    Homebrewing Podcast Guest

    I think you can get someone who works part time at your LHBS on your podcast so long as their voice is good for radio (a face for radio is optional) and have something interesting to offer. I just listened to a recent Beer is a Conversation podcast with a guy from a flavourings/extract/purer...