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    Biab step mash

    most important keep bag away from heat source I burnt the arse outta two good bags and lost the contents
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    Biab step mash

    I do step mash as I know it quite often biab. I have a false bottom so bag cant be it direct contact with gas heat I monitor the temp rigorously turn the gas of 1.5 deg from temp wanted as heat rises and continuously stir till rest period temp is reached It seems to work but it is hard work...
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    S189 Yeast - Help

    it is a lager yeast so depending on the temp for pitching rate if on the cold side at least twice ale pitching rate give it time
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    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    old speckled hen a nice drop
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    Huge batch pitfalls?

    I factor in 14% boiloff and do a 90 min vigorous boil that I only have watch closely for the first 5 mins so I can toddle off and do other exciting things like mowing lawn etc . 50 l bock recently required 81 l of water for the 16.5 kg of grain it wont fit in a 100l pot so I mash in 65 l of...
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    Huge batch pitfalls?

    I do biab double batches 45-50 l finished if I do a 90 min boil the required water full volume is any where from 60- 70 l plus the 10-12 kg grain is about all a 100l kettle will handle without risking boil over I had a 70 l pot that wasn't big enough for doubles ditched it
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    BREWMAN News

    just ordered one copy awaiting email to pay
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    Which Aldi napisan do you use

    last lot of 100 % I bought was packed by kegking was about 6-7 bucks a kilo bulk bads of 25k are around as well the kk stuff came in kilo bags easy
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    Brisbane Water for brewing

    just when water is water I asked some questions at the place about my water in Yamba and got a very nice response from the lady there water ain't water in this town as depends on where you are how much chlorine you get etc. actual numbers she provided was great
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    BIAB Parti gyle / Dunk sparge technique

    I can't see why you cant do i'm about to do a RIS of about 37 l but with a 100l pot biab i'm going to to do two mashes and mix with a 4 hour boil 19.5 kg grain
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    Grafton Brewing Competition 2017

    At next years comp judging maybe?
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    Grafton Brewing Competition 2017

    A big job to get the paper work done a little time will do the job 90 beers and 2/3 sheets per entry takes time to get together cheers ken
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    Grafton Brewing Competition 2017

    Thanks Bribie I've since bottled the remainder of it and is in safe storage
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    Grafton Brewing Competition 2017

    ive got a couple more if it will let me upload cheers ken