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Frothy Boi's Recent Activity

  1. Frothy Boi liked gaijin's post in the thread Buying Bulk Hops.

    How bout a bit of positive spin on that.... the state that supports the Antarctic being a hop growing region in 30 years.

    13/10/19 at 5:15 AM
  2. Frothy Boi attached a file to the thread Spray ball washing the Keg..

    Finally got the spray ball and had chance to test it on a few cubes and my old fermenter. Works quite well with warm PBW solution. I...

    72313968_440276006586985_814334479450505216_n.jpg 71692827_2432931793469442_8011668166725861376_n.jpg 72436164_2533070386927954_1184162710170894336_n.jpg 8/10/19 at 8:34 AM