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  1. Franko

    Beer Labels And Logos

    Nice to see this thread still rolling along.
  2. Franko

    Canberra craft beer & cider festival

    I'll be coming down to canberra with a few members on Saturday looking forward to catching up with a few canberra brewers
  3. Franko

    Little Creatures Next Single Batch

    Got 2 bottles of Puffing Billy the other night IMHO not the best beer to put out as single batch. Found it a little ordinary and not worth the money. Franko
  4. Franko

    Sierra Navada Here We Come

    Also while in San Diego go to In and Out Burger sensational
  5. Franko

    Sierra Navada Here We Come

    Bastard well done Browndog enjoy mate couldn't think of a better way to enjoy your birthday Franko
  6. Franko

    Pacman Yeast

    Big thanks to Mark at Marks Home Brew for keeping the doors open for a travelling brewer that was so happy to pickup one of his favourite yeast strains. Thanks mate
  7. Franko

    Pacman Yeast

    well f#@*k me lucky Im going to newcastle this weekend will pickup a smackie of this great strain Franko
  8. Franko

    Pacman Yeast

    Am I missing something here have they re released pacman yeast in packets ???????
  9. Franko

    Vintage Bourboun - Old Hickory

    looks like that distillery closed its doors in 1981 in Philadelphia USA I say keep it you never know. I have a 25 year old bottle of Jack Daniels thats making money year by year Franko
  10. Franko

    Kaixin Pumps

    Looking forward to seeing that new one Nev Franko
  11. Franko

    Tasmanian Oak Mash Paddle

    Well said brother Pete Franko
  12. Franko

    Beer Labels And Logos

    84 pages at last count and to think I started it so long ago. like the black and white but you know what it needs Franko
  13. Franko

    Pt100 Probes

    I bought 3k types of eBay from Hong Kong can't fault them at all still going strong Franko