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    BrewPiLess. BrewPi on a single Wifi board.

    I ordered the parts to build one of these for myself as my Arduino has an issue with sometimes not turning off the relays... It cooked a pale ale up to 35C before I caught it... Has anyone had any luck running Fermentrack in a Docker? I've got a NAS that has Docker and I was wondering if...
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    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy September 2017

    1: Zorco - 1x TFMO, 1 x Glad US Ale, 1 x BB Ale, 1 x BB PaleAle 2: hophead2 - 1 x Gladfield ale malt, 1/2 bag Gladfield Munich malt, 1/2 bag Gladfield pilsner malt 3: Bridgey23 - 1 x Gladfield Ale 4: scooterism - 1 x Gladfield pilsner 5: 2Cranky - 2 x TFFMMO, 1 x Weyerman Pilsner, 1 x Gladfield...
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    Mill motor/drill for Mashmaster grain mill

    https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-1050w-spade-handle-drill_p6290522 I've been using that on my Monster Mill 3 for ~6 years and it never misses a beat.
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    Magnet on a stick an option?

    Magnet on a stick an option?
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    Wanted To Trade/Barter for Mill setup:

    Got Ghetto and DIY! http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/57659-post-your-ghetto-gear-thread-the-200-hopper/?p=840812 All you would need for this: Offcut of plywood or MDF A drill and drill bit (if the bit isn't big enough, drill many holes and hog the rest out with a chisel / screwdriver /...
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    Mini Keg Growler EOI

    2lt jobbies Yob: 2 - No ongoing shipping Fraser_John: 4 - Shipping Geelong Cosdog: 1 - Brisbane Total: 7 4lt jobbies Husky: 1 - Pick Up Cosdog: 1 - Brisbane frag_dog: 1 - Brisbane Total: 3
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    Gluten free

    I've used it a few times for a mate who is celiac. I didn't notice any difference in anything to be honest. I didn't add it for clarification as my beers come out clear enough for me. There were no flavour impacts either. I don't know if I would be able to tell the difference between a...
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    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    I've done over 6 as well in my 20L. I added the grain at room temp and stirred it in before starting the pump. Extend the mash out and you hopefully won't get too much of a drop in efficiency. I also used some DME to bump up my OG to ensure I was at my target.
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    Brewtech SS fermenting vessels discussion thread

    Without owning one, I would think you would have a bucket or something in a fridge / freezer with ~5L of water / glyco and pump it around in a loop. I guess the advantage would be you could to more than one fermenter off of a fridge / freezer that could only fit one....
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    BNE - 4 vessel HERMS system

    ...I have no idea what you are talking about....lol
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    BNE - 4 vessel HERMS system

    System is SOLD Thanks!
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    BNE - 4 vessel HERMS system

    Yeah, Brisbane.... well technically Logan.
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    BNE - 4 vessel HERMS system

    Hi All, Due to time constraints I have not been brewing as much as I would like. So I bought a Braumeister. Now I have my 4 vessel HERMS system for sale. It is all home made, and it works fine it just take too long to setup and clean up - hence the german hardware. Here is what is included...
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    James - 1x Maris Otter, 1x WM Pilsner, 0.5x Wheat = 2.5 bags Adam - 1 x JW Pilsner, 1 x BB Ale = 2 bags Hophead - 1 x BB ale ,1 x WM Pilsner = 2 bags biggles266 - 2 x BB Pale, 1 x BB Wheat Proffs - 2 x BB Pale, 1 x BB Wheat, 1 x Simpsons MO, 1 x BB Ale = 5 bags Simmo1972 1 x WM Pilsner hoppyone...
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    Brew Frame Design

    When I was building mine, I didn't want it resting on the wheels when it was stored, I thought it would be a bit more stable if it was resting on just the flat steel on the end of the frame. One downside of the way I did it, there is a clearance issue when I lift it up high on the non wheeled...