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    State Brewing Comp - Tasmania

    I will have something if work permits.... Do the beers have to be in long necks or??
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    John Smith - Extra Smooth a taste of....well nothing.

    Im currently in North Yorkshire & have had a pint or 6 of Black Sheep & Theakestons & the York Brewery traditional ales. All excellent examples of English real ale IMO. Theyre all fairly locally brewed & definately fresh due to good turn over. They are all very drinkable & all got more taste &...
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    First BIAB urgent help please

    I like ya style...balls that would not fit in a fruit jar/stupid. Keep us posted.
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    First BIAB urgent help please

    I take it the grains were crushed Doc?
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    John Smith - Extra Smooth a taste of....well nothing.

    Im from Yorkshire too mate. And "them wer't days" has never been truer. Back in the day, the beers were better made, however, they had to be managed properly to get the best out of them. Folk would travel for miles to drink Tetleys in the Gaping Goose in Garforth or Ye olde three tuns in Thirsk...
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    Just chilli recipes

    A clone of Cannon fire by rocket Man on thehotpepper. 7 Pod yellows Mango Kiwi Fruit Blood Orange - skin grated & added Sweet potato Onion Ferment for 90 days This is a hot sauce with a lovely fruity/carribean flavour to it. My version is called Devils breath.
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    Naga chilli sauce

    Nice work.
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    Naga chilli sauce

    Is it a fermented brew? Or get right asfter it in the blender??
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    Imperial Stout & Wyeast 1028

    Maybe not when pitched at 147f
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    Recommend me a commercial porter?

    Sam Smiths Taddy porter is hard to beat. Its got the right body, colour & lovely taste that a porter should have IMHO. Smiths also open top ferment all their beers in Yorkshire squares - pretty darn neat..
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    BRY 97

    Thanks for the replies guys. Interesting to note the "do not pitch into a starter". I have pitched Safale 04 & 05 into starters 48hours prior to pitching & both work well for me.
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    BRY 97

    Interesting thread.... has anyone pitched BRY 97 into a starter? If so, was still a slow starter when pitched into the fermie? Cheers, Fozz
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    Barley Wine, how long to leave in secondary?

    1.094 / 1.020 Its a Nogne 100 clone with a boat load of fresh galaxy hops that were kindly donated to the newley formed Hobart Brewers. It was dry hopped with galaxy pellets. It tasted nice for an uncarbonated & fresh BW, which is hopefully going to be even better after ageing.