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  1. floppy

    EOI Voyager Malt.

    I also picked up my grain, after a stuff around with the bank transfer we got it all sorted, thanks to all at KK for the help. Uri for also helping in the rain. thanks also to @wide eyed and legless for everything. apart from the bank screwing everybody around, it was good.
  2. floppy

    EOI Voyager Malt.

    fantastic. I was going to head down tomorrow for some other products now I will hold off for just a day.
  3. floppy

    EOI Voyager Malt.

    Thanks Weal, appreciate the hard work. (while I would love 2 more bags, storage is a problem)
  4. floppy

    EOI Voyager Malt.

    In Melbourne, would be keen on SM40 x 1 Veloria x 1 cheers
  5. floppy

    Low Carb Home Brew

    If you want to keep the carbs out of a brew you could try Beano's these contain a compound called amyloglucosidase (AMG) which will break down the unfermentable carb's. US commercial brewerys use amyloglucosidase as a way to lower carb's also produce a lower ABV beer (Miller Lite). It might...
  6. floppy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Big thanks to the Kegland crew for sorting out my order stuffup very quickly.