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    Soda Stream Adapter Help

    I jumped the gun a bit. Plenty of gas but now the gas is leaking from the regulator housing, i.e. where the brass tube screws into the housing. It has never leaked before and I don't know if it can be tightened. Doesn't appear I can. Any thoughts. Picture attached. Fish
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    Soda Stream Adapter Help

    removed adapter seal and bingo - my ears are ringing from the test I just did in front of the pc!!!. Thanks guys. No last minute dash to the bottl-o required. Fish
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    Soda Stream Adapter Help

    brand new bottle. The adapter is on as tight as I can possibly get it. Am I right in assuming the soda steam bottle + adapter only should mean gas coming out? If that is the case then my issue is with the adapter. Fish
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    Soda Stream Adapter Help

    Help!!!!! I've got people coming for Grand Final day and I can't get my newly purchased soda stream adpater to put out any gas????? It's basic to connect to the regulator in place of a normal co2 bottle,'s not working. Any thoughts???? Cheers Fish
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    Does A Fermenter Have To Be Cylindrical?

    Jamil and John Palmer from The Brewing Network discussed this on one of their Q&A 'Brew Strong' shows. In essence they do believe fermenter geometry influences taste, something to do with currents or vectors / yeast not getting to corners.........don't quote me on it. Yorkshire squares were...
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    Beerfest 2009

    I'd just like to post a public apology to Ross at Craftbrewer for not publicising his sponsorship of BEERFEST 2009. Ross generously, as always, offered a prize to all eight categories. Craftbrewer should thanked and applauded for their support of homebrew clubs and their competitions...
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    Favourite ~$40 Case?

    Konig Pilsener can usually be picked up for $40 per case from Liquorland. Great value in my opinion. Chers Fish
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    Twotones Beer Launch

    final 'bump' from me. Numbers are over 50 for the night however I could probably fit a few more on if you let me know quickly. [email protected] Cheers Fish
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    Twotones Beer Launch

    *bump* These things drop-off the radar fairly quickly so just bringing up again for those interested. For a little more content here is a link to the brew day at Holgate. Cheers Fish
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    Twotones Beer Launch

    The Melbourne Brewers and Transport Hotel would like to extend an invitation (please see attached for the fancy version) to AHB members for the launch of TwoTones Pale Ale at Transport Hotel on Thursday September 18. This beer is the result of Beerfest 2008s Champion brewer prize, the winners...
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    Collecting Wort For Starters From The End Of The Mash

    I just wanted to confirm there were no dramas with collecting the end of the runnings from the mash for use with starters. This evening after I had my pre-boil amounts I was still able to collect 2 litres of 9 brix / 1036 wort. I boiled for about 15 minutes and have this cooling outside with my...
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    What's The Latest You've Mashed-in?

    For the night-brewers..........What's the latest you've mashed-in? Couldn't get the kids to bed this evening and subsequently mashed-in at 9:40pm, a new record for me! All I can say is thank god for no-chill. I'd still be out there otherwise. Cheers Fish