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  1. Fatgodzilla

    Narre Warren North .. need a box collected and posted

    Arrived safe and sound. Thanks man.
  2. Fatgodzilla

    Narre Warren North .. need a box collected and posted

    NullnVoid, you are a dead set legend. Thanks, good beer karma and I left some money on the fridge!
  3. Fatgodzilla

    Narre Warren North .. need a box collected and posted

    At this stage it would be collected from the front of a house in Oakview Boulevarde in NWN and post via Australia Post is probably the easiest option. Just checking freight companies to see if easier. Sound ok by you so far?
  4. Fatgodzilla

    Narre Warren North .. need a box collected and posted

    Anyone in Melbourne near Narre Warren North who can do a favour for a fellow Brewer? The missus bought a box of lego from a collector who won't post it. I need someone to collect the box and post it us. It's 10kg and 50cm x 50cm x 32cm. The freight companies fees are way over the top ( more than...
  5. Fatgodzilla

    Sqyre who???

    Crkey, talk about coming in from the cold!
  6. Fatgodzilla

    Hop thief recipe 2019

    I think you will struggle to get a Hop Thief clone by using a Coopers kit, so try not to think about it. Instead, work out what you like about HT and work out (guess) what you can add to a kit beer to get the results you like. For example, your kit beer will probably be bitter enough, but you...
  7. Fatgodzilla

    When is the right time to drink different types of beer?

    Glad I read this thread properly. Fancy asking beer nerds when is the right time to drink! Actually. Two answers. Since you are bottling, the first time to drink is when you think the beer is carbed enough. After trying above, make an executive decision, Such as, may leave this a while. How...
  8. Fatgodzilla

    Homebrew Competition - Australian Regional Homebrew Champs

    Regional . Therefore no wankers from the big cities?
  9. Fatgodzilla

    Australian National Homebrew Conference 2018

    Do you know much about the AABC? Do they need any stewards .. can't find on their website where I can find out.
  10. Fatgodzilla

    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Yes, bought a pack too. Drunk only one in a session .. with extra lemon to mask the ordinary lemon flavour.
  11. Fatgodzilla

    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    The first mouthfuls are quite nice .. the mango, but agree by the end of the bottle ......
  12. Fatgodzilla

    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Can't be bothered reading 21 pages .. Carlton Draught, followed closely by Carlton Dry. Rubbish beers.
  13. Fatgodzilla

    2018 NSW State Comp

    Might have been a great beer, just not to the style guidelines. When asked the biggest fault you find at competitions, I say the biggest single fault is that the competitor didn't read the style guidelines while tasting their beer and asking themselves, does this brew meet those guidelines. Simple.
  14. Fatgodzilla

    2018 NSW State Comp

    The blokes (volunteers) from HUBs spent two 12 hour days last weekend and many prior in setting things up. I guess these ungrateful bastards should be shot for doing their day jobs these past few days and maybe even having an early night on Monday and Tuesday. If I hear one more complaint from...
  15. Fatgodzilla

    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Was that an easy removal / replacement? Where did you source the new valve from?