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    Perth Cornelius Keg Buy

    Hi guys, Been out of it for a while but getting back into brewing, need a few more genuine cornelius ball lock kegs and came across this ad on Gumtree: Rang the...
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    Mashmaster Fridgemate Probe

    Thanks for the info guys, I am going to PM Sammus about a thermowell.
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    Mashmaster Fridgemate Probe

    Hi guys, I am looking at ordering one of these and have alreadly asked BrizzyBrew the question but it seems he is away so could anyone with one of these units answer me this:? Is the probe stainless and suitable for immersion? What I intend to do is put a compression fitting on the probe and...
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    eBay Items III Try one of these on for size, conical with a outlet for a tap on the bottom too. Screw lid...the works!!
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    eBay Items III

    THIS IS INSANE! - Someone in QLD buy this now, for grain storage or anything!!
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    eBay Items III

    8000lt SS fermenter anyone?
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    eBay Items III grape crusher / grain mill electric
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    Spare Parts Availability

    country brewer has them from memory. distilled water of course :) Don't mind a drop myself.
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    eBay Items III

    61 x 20lt Fermenters....
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    eBay Items III

    i'll take two, however i am in geelong
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    Gear For Sale

    Adam sell me your 3 gal corny keg..... :)
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    eBay Items II

    temprite setup
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    eBay Items II

    check this puppy out...industrial... grape crusher:
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    Storing Sprits In Stainless

    Good question, I have done it for around 6 months and had no adverse effects. However it could be different after years etc...