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    Sake/Nihonshu brewing

    You mentioned you mill your own rice .at the moment this is the biggest barrier to me right now. Do you know how this can be done, or where I can source polished rice from? Dis you buy your own mill? I saw the twinbird but it looks ..meh, plus wrong voltage and I hear the baskets wear out very...
  2. facter

    Sandgroper 2007 Christmas Case

    First time properly back online since before christmas, id like to apologise for my no-show this year. Without going in to too much detail on the Friday night beforehand one of my good friends was involved in a car accident ... its been a hard last couple of weeks. That, and that my beer didnt...
  3. facter

    Sandgroper 2007 Christmas Case

    hmm, actually i didnt think about that ... its just goign so damned slow. I used a pack of american ale 2 that id had int he fridge for a few motnhs and it only fired up on monday (i did it on saturday) and it aint cruisin along very quickly. dont want to produce bottle bombs .. I do have a...
  4. facter

    Sandgroper 2007 Christmas Case

    measured my replacement batch today that i did on the weekend. 1034. please finish oh beer. =/
  5. facter

    Whats The Process To Become A Microbrewery

    anyone have any info on doing this in WA?
  6. facter

    Sandgroper 2007 Christmas Case

    oh jesus lord. tasted my batch today. For the first time ever, I have an infection :( :(.. i have no idea what has happened, but this batch is complete toast Im going to try to get another batch done in time, unfortunatly, its my birthday this weekend and I wont have time to do one, so I'm...
  7. facter

    Sandgroper Friday Beers

    23rd is a no can do for me .. I'll be in sydney/melbourne :) if its on the 16th though, I'd definately come along!
  8. facter

    Perth Trip

    Bugger, i wanted to put my hand up!! After watching it last time really want to give it a crack myself. Almost ready to go AG.. almost almost ...
  9. facter

    Partial Recipe For Hoegaarden, Ideas And Suggestions Welcome

    I'd get rid of a large majority of the actual wheat malt and replace it with raw white wheat. Always err on the side of more raw white wheat than wheat malt and you'll do great!
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    Mad Monk - Fremantle

    .. this has no opened apparently - anyone been there? Anyopne know what beer they have there? Their website is shocking.
  11. facter

    Mountain Goat Tour!

    I'll probably head to the Paddo this afternoon for this as well, its just around the corner :)
  12. facter

    Mountain Goat Tour!

    The Paddo is about two blocks from my house, so I'm more than up for attending :)
  13. facter

    Cider Brew Question

    Put this down last night. 1 can blackrock 7.2 ltrs apple/pear juice 1 cup chopped sultanas 200grams light malt extract 600grams asian brown sugar 3 cinnamon sticks 4 cloves 23liters - OG somewhere around the 1050 mark .. though I really thought that it would be a lot higher than that ...
  14. facter

    Saazy Pale Ale

    cheers JT - I ended up actually subbing in about 500 grams of vienna just for kicks, and I do actually have about 20 grams of the saaz b left over - I'll throw that into secondary to dry-hop it. Its quite light in color as well as i used an extra-light LME, so thats nice too. I think the perle...
  15. facter

    Brewery Glasses

    Some time ago I stumbled on a website where a guy was collecting together images of all the different brewery glasses that he had either acquired or stumbled on - I cant for the life of me find this website with all these glasses on it .. does anyone know where it is, or, what Im even talking...