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  1. EmptyB

    Storing Bulk Wort for Yeast Starters

    The way I figure it, if a yeast specified an optimum temperature that requires investment ie a fermentation fridge, some brewers not willing to do their research would opt for an alternative yeast with no such optimum; their interpretation being that any temp within the range (ie 25-30C for the...
  2. EmptyB

    Where to buy hops?

    Another +1 for Brewman. The forum linked to in my signature is actually running a giveaway competition at the moment, so if you spend > $100 with Brewman or any of the forum's sponsors, you can enter it for a chance to win some stainless steel bling etc
  3. EmptyB

    Storing Bulk Wort for Yeast Starters

    Fair point about rehydration/O2, I won't comment on that as I haven't done the research; the point was made earlier about not needing to make a starter though, and for many brewers the cell count of a single packet isn't considered to be enough. My point was that vendors aren't necessarily...
  4. EmptyB

    Storing Bulk Wort for Yeast Starters

    I don't know what you mean lax, I think the vendor does know best. I'd better go check that kit & kilo lager which the vendor recommended I ferment at (up to) 25C.
  5. EmptyB

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    Dump settled trub and yeast via that butterfly valve and you should be right.
  6. EmptyB

    Kettel hole punches

    Nah mate, sorry. Not in Melb anyway. Some places probably could quote hundreds because that's what they're used to charging commercial clients, it depends on how you sell it when you call. Let them know straight up that you're a home brewer and that you just don't want to risk buggering your...
  7. EmptyB

    Kettel hole punches

    Most businesses dealing in steel fabrication and the such are likely to be able to make these holes for you. Just call and ask. The first mob I contacted were happy to get it done, took them 10min and cost me $20. Small price to pay considering how crap you'd feel ruining a $500 kettle
  8. EmptyB

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Lotta context in this @TheBeerBaron. Messy, messy context. You don't need to participate in the drama but be aware that it exists for a reason.
  9. EmptyB

    Tri clover

    Weldless option: https://www.cleverbrewing.com.au/bulkhead-tc-compression.html Out of stock according to the website but give them a bell, they may have some on the way.
  10. EmptyB

    Position Vacant

    I'm guessing WEAL is using KegLand's tendency to necro threads as an excuse to do the same for KegKing. That about right?
  11. EmptyB


    Not sure which thread it was from TBH. The point was, we found a record of neither unit in that database, probably because they were in there under different names. Yet when someone pointed out the Guten wasn't in there either, suddenly it wasn't such a hot issue for you. KK have a right of...
  12. EmptyB


    Yeah, we spent a while trying to verify the Guten number as well. No dice.
  13. EmptyB


    While I respect your opinion altone, WEAL is most certainly biased. Affiliated - maybe not. On their payroll - maybe not. He could simply be passionate and that's okay. He's been heavily against KL and heavily for KK since day 1, employing some less than honest tactics (posting that fake photo...
  14. EmptyB


    Like I said earlier.. No need to pay for a forum sponsorship when you've got a lackey on the inside.
  15. EmptyB

    FG too high?

    Did you happen to add any cocoa powder or other additives? Once had a choc stout with drinking chocolate added (ran out of cocoa powder) and the sediment threw out my hydrometer readings.