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    Brewing with a crook back

    Hey guys, About two years ago I got hit by a car on a bicycle and did my back. Pretty much since then I have hardly brewed just because I can't lift stuff without getting laid up in bed for a couple days afterwards. Basically if I want to do a brew I have to stand there and direct my wife...
  2. malting barley

    malting barley

    Here's some pics of me malting barley (or trying to!)
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    Was it Water or Water with Sodium Percarbonate?

    test the ph if you dont want to taste it. I wonder if theres enough hydrogen peroxide in there to use the blood test? Put a drop of blood in there and if it fizzes its full of hydrogen peroxide (maybe)
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    Chilli seeds Ebay

    i bought some super hots from rahi seedbank on ebay, he sent me a whole bunch of cayenne seeds instead
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    Brew mate and water chemistry

    About to get serious with water chemistry, i went to find the calculator in my brew mate but it wasnt there. I have version 1.26. Did an earlier version have it and then they remove it? I swear it used to be there.
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    The quest for a hardier variety of hop for qld

    After growing hops for a few years now I've noticed that pride of ringwood does the best in qld for me in terms of disease resistance and yield. However, not knowing alpha acid content basically makes this hop useless. A couple years ago I met the owner of Hop Co and he told me that this makes...
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    50L stainless pots with 2400W element

    yep, west end in Brisbane
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    50L stainless pots with 2400W element

    stainless steel with a 2400W element and a ball valve and pick up tube.
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    50L stainless pots with 2400W element

    A mate left 5 electric biab rigs here, i need them gone because im moving and he cant grab them. $50 each Pick up west end in brisbane
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    2x heavy peated malt sacks $50 for both. BNE

    Moving house and i need them gone today. About 5 kg missing from each sack i think. Located in West End
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    2hr all grain brewday... it can be done!

    This is the thing, the smasher is actually one of his better beers imo. The clarity is much better than usual and its really full bodied. Mash temp is high (69C) because its for a lower alcohol beer (3.5-4%). So perhaps he's accidentally speeding up his mash conversion. The malts used so far...
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    2hr all grain brewday... it can be done!

    Never very long. They are called smashers because he smashes them out and then smashes them down.
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    2hr all grain brewday... it can be done!

    I have a 20L pot somewhere and some 5L demi's. Might be time to do some experiments
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    2hr all grain brewday... it can be done!

    10minute boil! I wonder how short you could make your brewday? I've read that 90% of the mash is converted within 5 minutes (i think) so i wonder if you could get away with a 20min mash and a 10minute boil. Thats getting to be a brew day as short as an extract brewday