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  1. Eddy Monsoon

    Tinsel Toes missing ingredients

    Thanks, will give Challenger a go
  2. Eddy Monsoon

    Tinsel Toes missing ingredients

    I've bought some kits cheap off gumtree Of course, one of them is missing a hop sachet. Anyone know or have a guess at whats in it ?
  3. Eddy Monsoon

    Mixing Cascade with Galaxy hops

    My rule is to always follow the recipe the first time, then you have some base knowledge When you make an adjustment the 2nd time, you'll know what effect it has. Making the adjustment straight away and you're having to guess at whether your adjustment improved things. If you're in a hurry...
  4. Eddy Monsoon

    Entire homebrew kit for sale

    My main problem came when my daughter did a presentation on how to brew to the rest of her Kindy
  5. Eddy Monsoon

    Just One Super Frothy ??

    but I don't eat bacon cheeseburgers
  6. Eddy Monsoon

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on IBBQ-4T bbq thermometer+ITH-1p

    I stole my wifes previous thermometer for the top of my still. Now she won't go near food with it This would get me out of trouble
  7. Eddy Monsoon

    Just One Super Frothy ??

    Good idea I think there were about 5 or 6 out of 30 that gushed when they were all treated the same as far as I know. (and no dry hopping) It just seemed weird that some did and most didn't.
  8. Eddy Monsoon

    Just One Super Frothy ??

    My favourite, Saturns Pole Spooky thing is I'm listening to Inspiral Carpets track "Saturn 5" when I saw the post
  9. Eddy Monsoon

    Just One Super Frothy ??

    That kind of thing usually goes out in a circle (eg detergent and oil) Weird how it went first to the full Star of David (Two overlap triangles), then by the time I got my camera it went back to a pointy 6 Any idea why 6 ?
  10. Eddy Monsoon

    Just One Super Frothy ??

    Now I seem to have a Kosher Dropped the hydrometer in and got a Star of David It was wet with stellarsan so I guess thats what did it. Anyone know whats happened?
  11. Eddy Monsoon

    Queensland Heat

    As mentioned, Gumtree fridge plus an Inkbird When you get the Fridge (or Freezer) I'd recommend getting one that is a single door (not a Fridge & Freezer) and big enough so a) you can get 2 in if you need b) gives you elbow room Couple of current available in Brisbane at the moment below...
  12. Eddy Monsoon

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on thermostats and bbq thermometers

    Usually me wanting an inkbird for my homebrew. This however, would be a hit for the 3 baking practitioners I have in the family
  13. Eddy Monsoon

    How many use bottles?

    I don't drink that much, but I like to have a half dozen types to choose from each evening depending on my mood, or the weather, or what's for dinner........ And to be able to offer to guests. So bottles is just right for me.