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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    Never said they're bad. I actually recommended Robobrew/Guten and Grainfather to new brewers. I bought mine 2nd hand and if anyone wants to get an idea about the BM, I'm happy to share that. I'm not wealthy or rich, just lucky I got one. Sorry if you guys felt insulted, never intended. Anthony...
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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    Repeat, this is a question about BM. Why are you getting so worked up?
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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    Calm down. You said it yourself. Cheaper to replace it several times. I bought mine second hand.
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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    O.P is asking about the BM, and I'm trying to answer his queries. Depends on where the 'value' is. Time spent to replace parts, delivery, down time, more landfill. Never needed to replace a single screw on my BM. Ready for action coz its built like a tank. I have my old mans 50 year old Bosch...
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    Braumeister 20L Plus

    Sounds like you've had some previous experience to know what you need. Not everyone wants to upgrade to a 50L and some 50L owners have downsized to 20L. You can future proof up to a point but lifestyles/priorities change. That aside, buy once cry once. The BM is a good unit as everyone already...
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    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    Brewfather works on both IOS and Android. You can install it for the ISpindel and use Beersmith as you were. :)
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    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    If you have the Brewfather app, it'll take you max 20 mins* to hook this up and monitor your fermentation. In fact the steps are all very similar with other brewing apps. The instructions are very easy to follow. You won't need to know any of the Ubidots/R.Pi stuff. *Because it takes 15 mins...
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    braumeister 20l plus For sale.

    That's really cheap for a unit that's only done 7 batches - it's practically new. Nearly 100 batches on my 2015 model without missing a beat!
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    Braumeister pump plumbing modifications

    I've moded my 20L BM to let me pump into the fermenter by adding a 3 way ball valve. Yes you can do it*. You'll need a PWM to adjust the new pump. I assume yours is the same as mine (2015 model) which uses 1/2 BSP. 2 x 1/2 BSP female connected to the BM elbow, pump in the middle connected...
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    Soda Stream adapter and bottle fitting woes

    @Kegland In theory the new adjustable soda stream adaptor can be permanently connected with the reg to the bottle? I'm on my third Sodastream now and it's emptied every time. Had done pressure and leak test on the setup which appears fine, but that shouldn't matter as the only point where...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Using existing lids, you'd only be buying the diffusion stone. You can carbonate 4 kegs ($6.50/stone) all at once with some change left over. That's if it's ok to leave the diffusion stone in the beer for the whole time, which I've not heard anyone tried before.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Maybe add the stone and line to the gas post on the corny? It would still work as a dispenser, no? The beer should be pretty clear in the keg and therefore not likely to clog.
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    Small 'all in 1' kitchen brewing univessel

    Nice work! Looks like a Brewha, which is uses a conical instead. https://brewhaequipment.com/products/biac-all-in-one-brewing-system-package How is the mash temp being controlled? Induction plate hooked up to a PID? I guess it could fit into an oven. Maybe a integrated wort chiller which also...
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    Whats In The Glass

    This from 2nd Jan 2018 photo of recipe taken by their 'Wort maker'. London Pride (LP) is made on second runnings (Partigayle. ESB > LP > LP > CB ).
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    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy - Christmas Edition

    Another forum member has generously agreed to pick up the grains. I just wanted to make sure it's paid beforehand. When is the pick up happening? This weekend? Or have I missed it completely?