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    The 2005 Mash Paddle

    You expect me to beleive that a swallow could carry a coconut..
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    The 2005 Mash Paddle

    But how do you know she is a witch... Your mother was a hampster and your father smelt of elderberries :ph34r:
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    Fermentation Temps - Coopers Pure Brewers Yeast

    AAAAaaaaaaarrrgghhh ...Green Beer Reminds me of a bloke who brews with white sugar and uses BiLo lager, sitting in the warm kitchen in summer fermenting at 30*c. Then drinks it at 2 weeks.. AND washes it down with VB.....
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    Sodium Percarbonate / Napisan

    I can vouch for Napisan...I use the homebrand one and put 1 lid full in the ferm full of hot water for 1/2-1hr. Have found nothing yet that cleans like it. just give it a rinse with hot/warm water and it will be fine But I dont use it in bottles..( actually I have not tried it in bottles...
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    Grumpys Vs The Council

    Any chance of a kid out of this goat....fresh cofee is just the thing after a big night on the brew
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    Is Liquid Yeast Worth It"really"

    You will find it hard to go back to dry yeast after the liquids. But be warned , there are many different liquids and you will have to find one that you like..
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    Cow Feed Spiked With Beer

    My Cows eat GRASS My Chooks love spent grain I drink ALL THE BEER ( exept the pale that the missus dri ks..)
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    Yatt - Yet Another Thermostat Thread

    personaly I would replace the fridge thermo with the adjustable unit. The Tobins unit is cheap and usable, but it is better to spend a bit extra and but a better thermo unit.
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    Grain Mill Problem

    maybe coat it in a bit of vegetable oil when you store it.
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Reschs Draught...had one the other the only beer that I have left half full on the was shocking...
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    Malt Shovel Kits

    Damn..your right.....Have not had any beer today so the brain aint working... :unsure:
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    Malt Shovel Kits

    Tried the Mahogany Porter....that was one big disapointment...