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  1. Dubzie

    Rice Hulls - Central Coast NSW (Syd/New)

    Sorry mate, i recently chucked out the last of the stuff i had in my shed.
  2. Dubzie

    Christmas meet 15/12

    Attendees: n87 gone brewing Dubzie Food: n87 - Meatballs gone brewing - snags Dubzie - pork belly burnt ends OR BBQ pulled pork (undecided)
  3. Dubzie

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    Use an Inkbird SSR (ebay) Once i got one of these it fires off strait from the 3v gpio
  4. Dubzie

    CraftBeerPI Brew Controller

    @Manuel any word on CBPi 4 :)
  5. Dubzie

    Ducting air from keezer into a fermenter box.

    Some advice, you'll need to have either 2 pipes, so air can flow back into the Keezer, or a larger pipe with a smaller pipe on the inside, push the cool air in the smaller pipe and the warmer air can flow back to the keezer down the bigger pipe.
  6. Dubzie

    Mangrove Jack's M31 Belgian Tripel.

    $7.50 for a dry yeast at my LHBS $10 for 1k of DME 4x 7.50 = $30 $7.50 + $4 of DME = $11.50 I know why i make starters.
  7. Dubzie

    October Oktoberfest meet 21/10

    I'm away camping that weekend :( Pitty i have a nice Dunkel ready to share.
  8. Dubzie

    Craftbeerpi Temperature Control

    You need to press that little Car button for it to "run" the mashing profile. Other wise what you are doing is just turning the element on.
  9. Dubzie

    adding a wifi enabled alarm to a PID

    TBH, if you want this kind of function, your better off replacing the PID with a brew controller like CraftBeerPi that runs off a RasberryPi CraftBeerPi is very customise-able it also has PID functionality. There will be a bit of soldering involved to connect the temperature probes and/or...
  10. Dubzie

    Yeast starter getting a helping hand from CraftBeerPi

    Indeed! I just did a 5L starter of Saflager W34/70, would have needed like 7 packets of dry yeast @ $7.50 for my double batch. Cost me $12.50 for the amount of yeast i needed, compared to $52.50 ;)
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    NSW brew comp

    Sounds Awesome!
  12. Dubzie

    NSW brew comp

    How did it go over the weekend lads?
  13. Dubzie

    Yeast starter getting a helping hand from CraftBeerPi

    Thats some huge starters! haha
  14. Dubzie

    Advice on a new all grain set up

    Also went from can/kits to all grain a few years ago. Started off small, cheap 2000w element, 50L pot, and BIAB. ($100 odd) Built a flashed STC-1000. Then i added re-circulation with a pump, built a malt pipe, and moved to a 70L pot (50L became the malt pipe), added a second 2400w element to...
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    Yeast starter getting a helping hand from CraftBeerPi

    NICE! Yea i just ordered some new liquids: I spin up 2L, transfer the whole lot into 500ml ball glasses and cold crash em for a few days, decant most of the beer off the top then transfer to the 50ml containers. Has about 25ml of yeast in there when compacted estimating around 75b when...