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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Woke up this morning to multiple emails/texts about this. No, Kegland haven't just whacked my name on their own recipes. Kee approached me and asked if I'd be interested in creating some recipes for KegLand. I agreed and these are my own recipes that I tweaked to use their ingredients. I've...
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    Food Gardening

    Worm farms. Basically a flower pot with the saucer used as a lid to keep birds out.
  3. drsmurto

    Food Gardening

    My first crack at a 3 sisters planting. Corn, climbing beans and pumpkin. 1 week between the pictures. Not too shabby.
  4. drsmurto

    For sale - Victoria hop rhizomes

    Sorry mate, gave all my rhizomes to the SA brewing club to raise funds.
  5. drsmurto

    For sale - Hop rhizomes $10

    3 doses of glyphosate and 1 dose of triclopyr (tree killer) fixed it good. This is what I dug out.
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    DrSmurto GA

    I brew a hoppy mild at 3% abv max, quite a bit different to the GA recipe. It's in the recipeDB. I'll have a look for it later if you're interested.
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    Food Gardening

    300 tomato seeds planted and into the germination chamber at 24C with a 12/12h on/off cycle for the LED grow lights. I'll be selling them as advanced seedlings in spring as part of my business with part proceeds going to my local CFS crew. Getting up to 100% germination rates using this system...
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    Pre-Boiling water?

    Citation needed for the flow rates on chlorine and chloramine please.
  9. drsmurto

    Pre-Boiling water?

    Yes they do.
  10. drsmurto

    For sale - Victoria hop rhizomes

    Yes. Received PM. Will respond by the end of the weekend.
  11. drsmurto

    Centennial or Victoria.

    Fairly confident the Victoria rhizomes I am selling are the original Victoria. I first planted them 2009/10 and others had been growing before me. As far as I am aware, no one is buying and selling Vic Secret rhizomes. Confusing though. That said if you want loquat/apricot in your beer then...
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    Did anyone see the new beer with shipwrecked yeast?

    Tasted a few beers made using the cultured version of this yeast. Definitely had a Belgian character. The strain is in the culture collection at the AWRI.
  13. drsmurto

    Buying: Hop Rhizomes based in WA

    I have Victoria rhizomes dug up and ready to go. I'm in SA so you already know you'll be paying Quarantine fees. I'm happy to do the paperwork and comply with the restrictions, I did it successfully last year. Also look up 'Hop Swap' on Facebook which is a WA group. I send them several shipments...
  14. drsmurto

    For sale - Victoria hop rhizomes

    Down to the 1 variety now, Victoria (not Vic Secret). I describe it as adding a loquat type flavour to your beer, I have heard it described as apricot and drinking my latest batch of rye golden ale using Victoria hops I can see how that description works. $15 each plus $12 express postage for...
  15. drsmurto

    Misc keg/dispensing gear Adelaide

    Are the drip trays stainless?