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  1. Drewgong

    Has anyone bought any equipment off Newera Brewing lately ?

    i messaged them on there fb page about the brewtools units and got a response a few days later
  2. Drewgong

    Coffin Keezer Assistance

    I dont see any way of doing this that wont be a real pain in the ass. I would cut out a section of the bar as wide as the keezer then raise the height of the keezer by a collar or building a skid under it so it is flush with the height of the bar. The section you cut out you could glue to the...
  3. Drewgong

    WANTED: Empty glass bottles

    Check gumtree and fb marketplace there always on there.
  4. Drewgong


    Got a big tub you could partially submerge the fermzilla in or a pool? obviously fill the fermzilla 3/4 full of water to make it easier to sink.
  5. Drewgong

    Another 1V recirculating Mash Tun build - Clints

    If you were close by i could help you out , Id be looking for someone who can run over the inside seems with a tig any little pinholes will grow bacteria and im not sure if the boil would kill them off ....my 2 cents
  6. Drewgong

    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    With the bm50+ how well does the cooling jacket work?
  7. Drewgong

    Another 1V recirculating Mash Tun build - Clints

    The inside welds of the tank look like they need some work. I used to build wine tanks for a living every little pinhole can grow bacteria.
  8. Drewgong

    STC1000 controller with a 20A contactor

    All good fellas talked to a sparky today he drew me up a simple diagram
  9. Drewgong

    STC1000 controller with a 20A contactor

    Damm i couldn't find one when i was looking . Ive already bought the controller and contactor
  10. Drewgong

    STC1000 controller with a 20A contactor

    Hey guys ive got a 3600w 15A element for my hlt. I plugged it into a stc 1000 and it cooked it i later realised stc1000 is rated to 10A. Ive been told to use a 20A contactor in conjunction with a stc1000 to handle the element. Can anyone help out with a wiring diagram.
  11. Drewgong

    How to delete account

    I dont get any ...but if i did i would just mark them as spam ....problem solved
  12. Drewgong

    why oh why would anyone make ginger beer? waste of good sugar and water

    Shit lol.... lemons and limes are a bad idea its all i can taste with a chilli after taste. And i cant get it to hold carbonation
  13. Drewgong

    Consistently missing FG target

    Maybe you can include your fermentation details as well ...temp yeast starter ect ect just incase it is a fermentation problem . Some people can taste the sugars in a beer that hasnt dropped right down .....im not one of those people lol
  14. Drewgong

    Spitfire recipe

    Do you have beersmith? theres 3 recipes on there called spitfire
  15. Drewgong

    Using one CO2 bottle, kegging and transfers

    Id like to suggest a second gas bottle there so cheap now. Nothing worse than running out of gas