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  1. dr K

    Maintaining sanitation on commercially packaged dry yeast

    Just be careful with repackaged yeast, the second that that 500g pack is opened oxygen starts its work (and it is not on your side). I have long (nearing 20 years) argued against the practice, though Craftbrewer have been doing it for years with apparently no problems so I see no real problems...
  2. dr K

    should I rouse the hops?

    Commercially with conicals dry hops are always roused, in some cases constantly by a pump, but these are big fermentors. You say the layer forming is yeast, if it got bigger (rather than slimier) then you are probably correct, I reckon the roused the yeast that not quite finished so it woke up...
  3. dr K

    Racking through thick trub

    Perhaps a little late ( I am an occasional visitor at best) but my two questions would be How do yo chill your wort..and How much wort do you try and get your fermentor......its the crap in crap out story really. K
  4. dr K

    What's the purpose of the 1hr boil?

    Brewing has many parts and homebrewing is one of them. A commercial brewer looking at max hop utilization for bitterness will boil for 60 minutes after the first hop addition. A homebrewer may feel that they do not need this level of utilization and may choose to boil for less than 60 minutes...
  5. dr K

    New grain musty?

    The colour looks odd but I guess thats just a function of the photo/my screen/my eyes. Weyermann malts are very precise so it most unlikely that the bag left Weyermann with deficiencies. Black and musty points to fungus , therefore moisture Even the very best LHBS can have packaging/storage...
  6. dr K

    Does PBW lose its effectiveness over time?

    Truman42 you are a lucky man indeed if you have never used Sodium Metabisulphite. It is (or was) a common sanitiser in wineries and its cheap. What is great for wine may not be great for beer, especially at home brew sizing. Back in the dark ages it was sold as a sanitiser, great if you do not...
  7. dr K

    Tricks to a high gravity brew

    High gravity what say 1060 (high for me) you need about 18kg grain. You have a 50 litre mash tun, unless you are in to turbid mashing (the origin of lambic actually all about a tax based on mash tun size) its going to be difficult. Its going top take a lot of sparging and there is a pointer to...
  8. dr K

    Maris Otter as base malt?

    A few points here (and yes I could google but thats your job dear reader). MO is not "that" old, it was first relaesed when I was in primary school..but not old enough to drink... It is actually owned by a company who sells the (is seeds the correct word?) It maintains its popularity because it...
  9. dr K

    Help with recurring infection...

    Sodium Percarbonate is a great sanitizer but its not enough. Looks like you rely on it for your fermentor cleaning. Any organic build up will not be moved by sodium perc....you need caustic and you need it big time...use a 5% solution in hot water (with the correct handling procedure)...this...
  10. dr K

    Water down a high alcohol beer?

    In a commercial situation High Gravity Brewing as it is called is a pretty common procedure. It can work very well in a homebrew sense as well... K
  11. dr K

    Ways to purify and sterilise water

    Interesting point and one that goes back to the middle ages. Why would you want to boil drinking water for hours, perhaps you want to concentrate it..
  12. dr K

    Consistent high FG

    OP, PirateAgender So far as I can see, and that may not be that far...you have given your finishing gravities (as well as the est FG) but not your your starting. You also mention the use of sugar. A starting gravity finishing gravity input will give you your apparent attenuation which you can...
  13. dr K

    Priming sugars effect on FG

    Think of it as alt-right or whats left is sintrose
  14. dr K

    Potato Peel Oxygen Generator

    Manganese Dioxide (that black powdery stuff in old style batteries) as noted is an excellent catalyst for oxygen generation from H2O2. Adding some Manganese Dioxide to a Sodium Percarbonate solution produces a pretty fast reaction!! You could do it in a pressure container, say a 9 litre cornie...
  15. dr K

    Bentspoke Brewing Big Nut Dark Ale / Robust Porter Clone

    Bentspoke creates rather than follows styles, I think. Thus BigNut does really follow a style as we know it ! Opo in and try my Brown (its not a BigNut but I think it might be close to what you are hoping to make. I you are in Canberra Brewers you know how to find me, if not you could try a PM. K