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    What are you listening to

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    What are you listening to

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    Funny Videos.... Any Topic

    And daves post just rapped it up
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    Funny Videos.... Any Topic

    Well there is some fine metallurgy and well cleavage in the other, i guess i got more of a laugh out of the later one
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    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    How awesome is it that australian cricketers are wanting more tax payer money and the people they have to convince are those on tax payer money haha..
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    How much spin can u take - j gillard or was it pork spin idk

    How much spin can u take - j gillard or was it pork spin idk
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    Chilling wort pre fermentation.

    Not really clear on the 'chill as per usual' bit, I assume no chill method. I find that the hot break sits on the bottom pretty much straight after the boil. Cold break happens around low 30s, and wort is really clear around 25. You may get it slightly clearer if you dropped it down to 2, I...
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    Second Amendment?

    How good is this -
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    PJ+CIAC - SC

    PJ+CIAC - SC
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    Hops and schedule check please, better way for max. fruit?

    FWIW, I pitch ontop of full us05 yeast cake frequently, and taste no side effects of doing so. Ferment starts within 1 to 2 hours, sometimes less and usually finishes a day or 2 early. Just keep temp low early to try and prevent the yeast climbing out of the airlock. As far as your hopping, you...
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    Replacement O-Rings? Perlick Flow Control

    I read this recently - By the end of the week, Perlick Taps and accessories will come online including the service kits for the whole range.
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    Second Amendment?

    Another school shooting, more to come I'm shore. At least he broke a record for the youngest shooter.. He was 12, packing a Ruger 9mm semi-auto.,0,2606606.story
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    Chinook Hops

    Well for WIW my 50/50 brew @ 60 min came out really well, mostly galaxy malt at 1010fg - 4%alc. This is a brew again summer session ale, nice crisp citrusy, just a hint of citrus pith(not unpleasant) which I imagine would be more prominent if going over 50/50. However I am tempted to go 70/30...
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    Yes those scoundrels here - How soon we all forget about those massive pay rises to cut out those perks. Good point on security issues manticle, that side of the expense is...