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  1. Donz

    Kegging Setups

    Brilliant idea having the boost gauge!
  2. Donz

    help disassembling taps for maintenance

    heat it with a hair drier and righty is loosy ;) so turn collar clockwise, collar will stay on shank and tap with thread will come off
  3. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    Gone :)
  4. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    Fridge may be gone or back in working order within 10 hrs.
  5. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    still available
  6. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    Fro has offered to next in line
  7. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    first one here gets it display lights up but cant change temp
  8. Donz

    Kegerator donation Morayfield QLD

    Donating my old kegerator, Thermostat not working (stuck at 8deg) but runs would suit restoration, Kegerator only with font and whatever old tap parts I can find. Don't want to dump it, so free.. pick up only.
  9. Donz

    Second hand kegs

    should be fine, .. replace the entire pressure valve and all posts, gooooood clean, replace all seals and maybe replace pick up tubes as well.
  10. Donz

    Kegging Setups

    thinking of selling the beast and starting again with all new equipment and new designs,,, what do you guy's recon it could be worth? My guess is $2500
  11. Donz

    Smoking Meat...

    Had to chuck in a build I worked on for smoking meat :)
  12. Donz

    Kegging Setups

    New taps arrived today!!!:party: Huge thanks to KEGLAND , fresh of the line new NUKATAP series. Nice build, great pour, feel nice pulling a beer and sexy to look at. Could not be happier to finally have my dream build within final finished state :-D just a few tiny details to polish up (yes I...
  13. Donz

    New to brewing - I wish to master this Brew Master Practice

    Everything the other guy's said. And keg it :)