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  1. djackal

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Hi Keg King, I placed an order on Monday over the phone via the website after trying to get through to you over the phone on the weekend. I've had no response so wondering what is happening? It was a pump, cam lock fittings and some spare parts/repair kits. Also, I sent an email last week...
  2. djackal

    Hot Liquor Tank with no tap

    G'day WEAL, I haven't really thought too much about that option. Saying that my mash tun is 55L and Kettle is 110L. I'll be doing double batches to start with. Open to suggestions if KK have some going cheap I am considering turning a pot into a Still at some stage but that's a stretch goal...
  3. djackal

    Hot Liquor Tank with no tap

    Thanks for the response. I have a $150 kk voucher that I got for xmas and see they have a MkII pump at a pretty reasonable rate. Might grab that. In regards to weldless SS fittings, does anyone know if these are safe to use in this context...
  4. djackal

    Hot Liquor Tank with no tap

    Hi guys, I recently purchased the majority of a new brewing setup, a 100L kettle and high pressure gas burner, a 55L converted Esky (with plastic manifold and tap), and a march pump that is used to circulate the liquid in the kettle. I don't have a HLT to heat the sparge water but was going to...
  5. djackal


    tempting. shame you're not in Canberra
  6. djackal

    Kegerator X vs 4 vs other models

    I was looking for threads but nothing popped out at me. I barely have time to brew atm with a young family and definitely no time for projects. Maybe I just try to find a way to the garage and use the keezer... It's a war zone in there!
  7. djackal

    Kegerator X vs 4 vs other models

    Hi all, I'm looking to offload my keezer and replace it with a Kegerator. Something I can have near the kitchen rather than in the garage! I see there are a few models out there. Any suggestions on which one is the most reliable. Doesn't need to fit 4 kegs. Would like 2 or 3 taps of decent...
  8. djackal

    rent or buy gas bottle

    cheers guys. In Canberra atm so will look online and compare to online prices/sydney prices. reckon i can squeeze 6kg in!
  9. djackal

    rent or buy gas bottle

    Hi guys, I'm looking to setup my keezer and need to get some gas into it. Any advice on a) Do I just get food grade CO2 or do I need beermix (I mainly use to push beer out of kegs, may or may not force carbonate) b) Should I buy a bottle off a retailer or get a bottle off BOC? I hope to have...
  10. djackal

    Fermenter options

    Good advice, I think I'll avoid bling for the time being and invest in the brewrig instead. I've been doing partial mashes/BIAB on the stove/oven recently although in the past I had a 3 vessel 50L system and well over 20 years of brewing experience. Going forward I plan on buying a larger...
  11. djackal

    Fermenter options

    Hi guys, I see that there are a whole range of new fermenters available on line and stainless options have come down considerably. My current 50L plastic fermenter is not holding pressure so I'm thinking of decommissioning it and buying a new one (or two). I've been going through the various...
  12. djackal

    50 Litre Braumeister

    Where in Canberra are you based? I was looking at a Guten or a Grainfather but I'm tempted at checking this bad boy out and seeing if it's worth the extra coin
  13. djackal

    Keezer/spunding valve/yeast stirrer and jars for sale

    Tempting . Can you please post a photo. I have a mate in the gong that could grab it for me if it meets my needs
  14. djackal

    Hi WEAL I see from your many posts that you have some experience with purchasing off Ali. A...

    Hi WEAL I see from your many posts that you have some experience with purchasing off Ali. A quick question, who do you use to help you import from China? I'm thinking of grabbing a couple items off Guten but also looking at some small kegs. I've heard some horror stories so trying to avoig...
  15. djackal

    Pin lock fittings

    Hi all, I recently bought a couple pin lock kegs off Gumtree and some disconnects off kegland. Today I tried to hook these up but the disconnects seem to be too 'deep' for the kegs. They don't sit securely and they don't lock down to allow the transfer of gas or liquid. I've read that there are...