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    AC/DC Beer

    The wine was rubbish.
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    Lager - undercarbed

    What's your process for lagering? Are you letting the bottles sit out in the ambient temp for a bit before lagering?
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    What's your favourite kit manufacturer?

    Mangrove Jack do some decent ones.
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    Did I ask for the wrong thing?

    Aha! Thanks again for the help guys.
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    Did I ask for the wrong thing?

    Why frozen?
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    Did I ask for the wrong thing?

    Cheers guys. 2.3lt bottle as far as I can tell.
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    Did I ask for the wrong thing?

    Yup exactly. Walk in with empty bottle walk out with full one. Mustnt have been clear.
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    Did I ask for the wrong thing?

    First time swapping my CO2 out, called LHBS and got quotes $200+ for a 2.3lt swap and go. Read on here to expect $50 or so? What gives? Who should I call for gas in Brissy Northside?
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    Living on the edge!

    You carazay Motherflipping mofo
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    Ghetto beer engine for under 10 bucks.

    Best B15 (that's 15 beer dollars) I've spent.
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    Where to buy a Saison in Brisbane

    The bottleo attached to the Stafford Tavern carries the Red Hill Bloody Plums Saison.
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    Saporro AG Clone

    This is exactly why I'm asking! :D We went for dinner at Two Zero last night and the girls enjoyed the Saporro off tap too much!
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    Worst equipment purchases

    I've just bought a digital thermometer that tracks high/lows, my fridge has ranged from 18-20 over the last few weeks. I don't we need heaters in Brissy! :D
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    Saporro AG Clone

    Ok, so the wife FINALLY found a beer that she would drink (SIL as well, double win!), so I'm keen to try to make something similar. I've read a few people saying to just try to go for a light, crisp lager. But as I would still consider myself a novice brewer I wouldn't have any idea how to put...