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    My first extract brew

    Thanks for the ideas guys. Gavo, yeah I didn't realise the difference would be so massive. Cheers
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    My first extract brew

    Thanks Grott Yeah... but then at the same time I didn't come up with it so it could be very unrefined. Just asking for opinions how to possibly tune it. It's yum, having one right now btw.
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    My first extract brew

    So I wanted to try out something else than k&k and a mate came over with a recipe and we had at it. I'm not sure what it's called, a "mini boil" maybe, 5l boil for a 20l batch. I wanted to keep it simple as it was my first time tipping my toe in this whole boil business. 3kg DLME US-05 700g dex...
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    Help me

    Regarding temps, what Quokka42 said ^. I rehydrate and pitch at 22-24c and let it drop down to 18c. Now while some may argue that pitching temp is high, the only difference I have noticed is rapid start of proper fermentation ie. 12 hours compared to 24+ hours. I can't taste any difference...
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    Alcoholic Sarsparilla

    Interesting, do share the recipe and results if you end up going ahead with this.
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    Temps for Ginger Beer

    One idea is to get a brew fridge. It doesn't even have to work. I survived with a couple of hot water bottles through the last Tassie winter, maintaining 18c for my brews. I got mine off a mate but I've seen heaps given away on gumtree.
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    Ginger beer advice, first brew ever

    1019 is very high, and like you say it tastes sweet. It's definitely not done. These things take time and patience (I lack both btw) but the more you give it the better the end result is. I didn't read the recipe, but my champagne yeast ciders take at least 1.5-2 weeks to finish and they come...
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    Help! Stuck Ferment?

    Kit yeasts can be a bit of a hit and miss. I mostly do Coopers kits and sometimes they take upto 2 days to take off, most within 24 hours, but then I've had some that started bubbling in just 2 hours. Go figure. Happy to hear yours is sorted.
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    from the mouths of babes

    So I was sitting at the dinner table with my 6yo boy just then (missing the little one :/) and I was saying that maybe I should find a lady or something to live with us. He said "but daddy you'll need hundreds of thousands of dollars if you do that". That shut me up.
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    Oztops ABV

    I can't comment on your calculations as I'm too lazy to use a hydrometer, but 1020 is waaay too high. A couple of things come to mind. Were there any preservatives in the juice? What about the yeast, its alcohol tolerance might be really low? At 1020 with simple sugars that sounds like a stuck...
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    from the mouths of babes

    A couple of days ago my 6yo was talking to his mum on the phone ans was whispering excitedly: "Guess where daddy is taking us tomorrow??? We're going to the beer festival!", mum is like "what!? Why? That doesn't sound too good", 6yo: "I'm getting a face paint!". Result: I had 3 overpriced beers...
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    Kit Explanation

    ^^ what grott said. I'd use light dry malt instead of whatever they tell you on the tin though. When I was starting out and cheaped out by using table sugar / dex, that was probably the worst mistake so far. After switching to dried malt my brews improved by an order of magnitude. Happy brewing!
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    Stereotypes: Brewers have beards

    A bit late to the party, but I'm on and off. Usually let it grow, trim it, then get sick of it and shave... only to repeat the cycle as I cbf to shave again!
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    fermenting cider under pressure question

    Damn now this really makes me want to get kegs finally. Argh.
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    First brew tinglers

    Dog wash and water bath for a FV? No thanks, unless you get rid of the tap and seal it, then siphon the beer out. My tap threads were stuffed after 5-10 brews on my (new) crappy plastic fermenters from the LHBS anyway so sealed them up and I use them like I did overseas as I'm used to...
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