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  1. DEALE

    Stalled Fermentation

    Pull out a sample and try some. if it tastes too sweet for you to drink, then you have nothing to lose in adding more yeast. You may want to re-hydrate the yeast then pitch to a 500ml to 1L starter to make sure it is active and able to cope with the alchohol already in the beer. I had a stout...
  2. DEALE

    Bernzomatic Oxygen Cylinders

    I got Bunnings Special orders department to look the bernzomatic oxygen cylinders up and order them in. Cost $29 each. the importer in Oz is Irwin Tools, they need to know that when you ask for the product. You can also get a Map Gas & oxygen welding kit that has the reg in it, rather than...
  3. DEALE

    Sodium Carbonate As A Cleaner

    The reaction I get when I dump 100+ grams sodium percarbonate into a glass carboy shows how much Oxygen is given off. I wish I had some pics to post. I leave a light residue of Krausen after a scrub with a carboy brush. The Krausen is gone after 24 hours. the higher the tenmp the faster the...
  4. DEALE

    Sodium Carbonate As A Cleaner

    I use Napisan as a post fermentation cleaner for my glass carboys and first soak cleaner for kegs. The experts - Five Star Chemicals will tell you that cleaning is one step, sanatising another and they cannot be done effectively in one step. I then switch to PBW for a final clean and star san...
  5. DEALE

    Nhc 2011 In San Diego

    All it usually takes for a good contraception dose is a trip to QLD visiting the siblings with a bunch of screeming kids between them!
  6. DEALE

    Nhc 2011 In San Diego

    Check out http://brewingtv.squarespace.com/episodes/2010/6/24/brewing-tv-episode-8-nhc-2010-recap.html for some video of NHC 2010
  7. DEALE

    Nhc 2011 In San Diego

    I too made it to NHC 2010, my second after Oakland last year. This time I took my wife, whom I know enjoyed hanging out with a bunch of people I met the previous year. San Diego should be bigger and better. So if you are thinking of taking a significant other, then don't think twice as there's...
  8. DEALE

    2010 Esb Homebrew Challenge Cup

    Just dropped off my entries to The Brew Shop. I have entries in APA, ESB, WIT, HEF and 80 /-. The APA and ESB are tasting OK, not sure about the others. Good Luck everyone!
  9. DEALE

    2010 Esb Homebrew Challenge Cup

    Fantastic concept Peter I'll be sure to enter a few.
  10. DEALE

    Fat Yak - Ag Clone

    I was at a talk where Chuck Hahn said the hops were cascade and nelson sauvin. I was also at the Cascade Brewery where they were brewing fat Yak, plenty od US Cascade on a pallet waiting to be used. So when I try try clone I'll start with these two hops, couldn't see cascade dry hopping, so I'll...
  11. DEALE

    Matilda Bay Alpha Pale Ale In Brisbane?

    Does anyone know where I can buy this in Brisbane? Has anyone bought Matilda Bays Fat Yak in the bottle? Who's the best beer retailer in Brissy? I'm heading there for Xmas and need to grab some supplies when I land.
  12. DEALE

    Please Critique My Wheat/wit/wiezen

    Short on Wheat, may try using wheat flour. See Graham Sanders recipie for tropical Wit on his recipies page.
  13. DEALE

    The Brewing Network's Sunday Session Covering Murray's

    Shawn, It was great to hear the beer travelled well. It went with us through Brisbane, LA, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Yosimitie and on to San Francisco! Great job with the interview. I listened live, in between work calls. Cheers Deale
  14. DEALE

    Read your Blog. Very jealous!

    Read your Blog. Very jealous!
  15. DEALE

    Introduce Yourself.

    Hey All, Been hanging around the forums for a while now, about time I intro myself. Started off doing K&K at Uni, they were crap. After a few batches gave up. Started brewing again 18 months ago, few K&K, then after getting on this forum quickly changed to Partial for a few brews, found some...