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    PET Kegs and more

    Probably be the usual 4 week plus wait before the website gets updated.
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    Repair of Fisher and Paykel fridge

    I have the E373 model. The fan mount fell apart on it dropping the fan onto the cooling fins. There is a potential for the fins to make contact with the fan terminals. Maybe that was you flash and pop.
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    WTB a Boil kettle & HLT 95-110L

    Soga pots at offer additional 5% discount with "HEYHEYSAVE5" code
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    Thanks but am using gumtree app. Any ideas?
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    Sorry can't figure out how to do a link on iPhone but if you search gumtree Perth for kegs there are brand new 18 and 9l ones for sale.
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    Grain Grinder?

    Thanks for the responses. Just starting out in BIAB and have been planning on buying crushed grain (Brewmart or Gryphon are the closet to me) but was just wondering how that machine compared to the one in Nick JD's guides. I'm a frugal Scotsman and thought I had maybe stumbled across something...
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    Grain Grinder?

    Hi, would this be any good for small grain bills in BIAB?
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    Can You Pump Straight Off A Mash Tun

    highly entertaining wobblythongs, have been chuckling for 30 mins now