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    Brew Stand

    They are selling brand new Fire Extinguishers. C02 2.0kg, $175.00 3.5kg, $189.00 5.0kg, $199.00 not bad
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    Dead Yeast, Maybe Infection?

    I put down 2 X 3kg esb larger kits with the supplied dcl yeast. I re-hydrated the yeast as per instructions on dcl site. It has been in the fermenting fridge for about 2 weeks @ 13-15 deg. I just checked it this morning and it's reading 1040. OH CRAP!!! I have just added some extra yeast, but I...
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    I vote for the recent topics list to stay as is. When I bring the site up on a pc that I have not logged on before, I feel lost without the recent topics list. It's not that hard to scroll down with the mouse wheel. DaveR
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    Keg, Tap & Line Cleaning

    Snow, The Guys at Dasco said about 20 secs contact time. And No you don't need to rinse. Dave
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    Help! With Keg Setup

    post from grumpy's
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    Help! With Keg Setup

    Hi jgriffin, You might have overcarbonated it. If you remove the gas and give it a bit of a shake for a couple of mins. Let sit for about an hour and try again. bring back up to 7-10 psi. Sometimes if the gas is too low it can give too much foam.
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    Thanks Guys, I just got my acct from a work college. He said that the more invites that he sends out, that are signed up successfull, the more invites he gets.
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    me too please. If so I'd love to have one.
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    Help! With Keg Setup

    I think I used nose pliers when I did mine. I do remember it being a pain. I have seen other people use cable ties.
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    Wheat Beer Fermentation Times

    JGRiffin, Is that yeast 150g or 15g
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    2278 Czech Pils Yeast

    JasonY, Mine took 3-4 days. I think they say to add 1 day extra for each extra month. It's just getting ready for it's purpose in life, the oktoberfest.
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    Stuff Boc & Air Liquide

    Yes MAH, It does feel great to give Boc & Air Liquide the big kick. I will never look back.
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    Site Speed

    Johno, Just use Opera. It kicks IE in the speed department.
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    New Cascade Kits

    Well I put it down last night. using 2278 Czech Pils Yeast @ 11 deg C Tetnag hops DME + extras I also noticed the tiny little brown bits. Will see how it goes. I also email owen.malone@fostersgroup.com & tooraj.enayati@fostersgroup.com about the site not being available last week, but no...
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    2278 Czech Pils Yeast

    Has anyone tried this strain, 2278 Czech Pils Yeast. I just did a batch with this yeast and it is realy nice. 2278 Czech Pils Yeast. Classic pilsner strain from the home of pilsners for a dry, but malty finish. The perfect choice for pilsners and all malt beers. Sulfur produced during...