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    Fire Extinguishers In Canberra

    Tony from Pub Gas will exchange the cylinders at your home or work so you don't need to drive to Hume. He's always out and about and you usually just give him a day or two notice. Dave
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    March Pump Bulk Buy

    I've tried to ignore this thread for as long as possible and cannot. It's time to upgrade to the world of real brewers. Put me down for 1 March pump and bracket. Dave
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    Miracle Box

    I used one of GMK's stainless steel coils and the setup looks very similar to the picture posted on the first page. The only difference is I've mounted a Andale tap on the front of the esky. If you can't get hold of a stainless steel coil then one option would be to use a mass of beer line...
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    Miracle Box

    KMan, I've taken mine camping twice now and poured cold beer from a warmish keg. No ideas of temps and haven't yet tried it in the middle of summer. When the temperature warms up I'm planning on wrappig a wet towel around the keg and leaving it in the shade. My mates have labelled it the UCA...
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    Calibrating Refractometers

    For those who recently received refractometers, did you calibrate them using distilled water as per the instructions? Dave
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    Guess What Arrived Today ! Refractometers !

    Greatly aprpeciated, thanks Batz. Showed up yesterday.
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    Drip Tray For A Fridge

    Does anybody have suggestions on a cheapish source for a drip tray to mount on the front of a fridge? All of the HBS ones are $100+, seems pretty pricey for a bit of metal. Dave
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    Report: Yeast Effect On Beer Taste

    Darren, What was the price on 500g of SAF and where from? Cheers, Dave
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    Miracle Box

    Hoops, Where can you get a flow regulator from and what do they look like? Dave
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    Miracle Box

    Poodz, I'm planning on taking this setup camping so a cold keg isn't a option unless I put it on ice. I'm hoping the miracle box can effectively cool warm beer but only time will tell. All parts ordered from Ken and I'm hoping to have it set up for the first camping trip in September. Dave
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    Miracle Box

    Poodz, How cold was the beer poured from the miracle box? I'm heading down exactly the same path and will be using the miracle box to cool beer from a warm keg. I'm curious as to what sort of performance I can expect. Cheers, Dave
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    Missing Beer Found

    Wax, Try smelling/tasting it. What's it like?
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    Stainless Steel 6mm Tubing - 15m

    I'm also after a andale tap, gas disconnect and liquid disconnect. What do you suggest using to connect the SS tubing to 4 or 6 mm beer line? I currently have a reg hooked up to the beer fridge. Is there a way of inserting a screw piece into the beer line so I can quickly disconnect the gas...