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    Turkey Fryer

    I bought a turkey fryer a little while back and decided I would do a test boil with it. So I filled my 100 litre pot and set about boiling it. After about 35 minutes I gave up and the little 3kg bottle of gas I had was empty. DO you normally have to mod the stands these turkey fryers come...
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    Why's Your Brewery Named What It Is?

    Mine is called the Brew Lounge. Simple explanation is I have a very large farm shed which is my brew area and esentially big boys toyland :) I setup a coffee table and 3 lounges and we had regular get togethers of the Barossa Brew Club at my house. So I got the name Datfrogs Brew Lounge.
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    Almost My New Setup

    Does anyone know who this GMK goon is ? :)
  4. datfrog

    F1 Championship

    hot tip is webber could end up at RBR not a bad move they have the cash and newey so could be an each way bet, I hope he makes the rightr decision. Bit of trivia, Webber is born same, Day, Month and Year as me !
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    Almost My New Setup

    Before all this I was basic as they come, Just had alot of fermenters :)
  6. datfrog

    Almost My New Setup

    Forgive me all, It has been many months since my last post. Since I started brewing back in 2004 ( In the first 12 months I did 26 brews) I then slowed down a bit from Late 05 until now. I have been busy in the last few months gathering bits and peices from all over the planet essentially...
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    Tip For Bottlers Only ,not Keggers !

    GMK I find it hard to beleive you drink less because it is on a tap, I have witnessed this myself. Ha Ha Datfrog "The Brew Lounge"
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    Brewing Plans For The Year 05

    Well, I am going to progress from K&B to Partial's then AG hopefully by Early NY. Thats my main aim. Brew Belgian style beers for a while. Got a taste for them.... I have setup this year:- Keg system in an Old Fridge. Setup the Pit in the Garage to brew / Store as it stay at 20 or less...
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    How Much Have You Brewed This Year

    I have done 14 brew's since August 04 All have been K&B So based on a 18l mix, I have done 252 litres in less that 6 months. Not bad for a newby :)
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    Hoegaarden Original White Ale

    anyone seen any ag recipes for a Hoegaarden Original White Ale ?
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    What Are Your Brewing Plans For 2005

    Well since i have newly taken up assisting, I have assisted in the fermentation (He he) of 11 beers since July I think the Skies the limited next year. I have on the way a Co2 gas bottle so I can keg, Then I have to fit the newly aquired tape to my freeby fridge an plumbthe lot. I want to...
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    What Is A Real Brewer ?

    Well not wanting to Sound Blunt. Dont the pompus ones amongst us whom think this have some beer to "BREW". Seriously If the precious person/s whom said that Extract brewers are not brewers are not happy with Dump and Sitrs Calling themselves brewers they better get a nother hobby. Mummy...
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    Brewery Labels And Signs

    Kenny's used to it. He He He
  14. datfrog

    Brewery Labels And Signs

    The other thing when using the name you have registered you may starat a paper trail which may lead the to th taxation dept wanting to visit you as you have a business name you are using and not paying any taxes. That paper trail might start with whom you are abuying from as they will not...
  15. datfrog

    Cheap Cool Room 75mm Freezer Panels

    What price are the panels ?