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    CO2 regulator for sodastream, flasks, gas flow meter (Canberra)

    Yes, still have the soda stream bottles and flasks.
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    CO2 regulator for sodastream, flasks, gas flow meter (Canberra)

    Regulator and flow meter sold. One Erlenmeyer flask remaining.
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    CO2 regulator for sodastream, flasks, gas flow meter (Canberra)

    CO2 regulator for portable dispensing. $40 This is a US bought regulator which has the same thread as soda stream bottles and leads off to a disconnect. Making it work with sodastream bottles is a small machined brass plate and o-ring which seals and then depresses the soda stream bottle valve...
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    50l Kettle, Brew Stand And Ball Lock Kegs <canberra>

    All sold - thanks for the interest.
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    50l Kettle, Brew Stand And Ball Lock Kegs <canberra>

    Brewers, I've a few bits to move out of the shed - based in Canberra (northside) for pickup. 1x 50L boiler/kettle. With weldless fitting, stainless ball valve and hose barb. Copper pickup tube inside. Heavy base (at a guess probably 8-10mm) Asking $180 Brew stand to suit above - can take for...
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    Bjcp Exam Canberra 11 Sept 2010

    Putting out early advice that there will be a BJCP exam running in Canberra on Sat 11th September. We've 12 examinees from Canberra so far which means up tp 8 spare seats (worth planning a road trip?) should anyone from Sydney, Melbourne or even further afield wish to sit the exam for the first...
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    The latest schedule had judging finishing around 1pm, time for a quick feed before heading off on the tours.
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    Chinese Hops? What Next

    Am I incorrect in reading that these are hop pellets - i.e. the heavily processed form, not plugs, not whole "leaf" (i.e. what the first post seemed to suggest). In that case you might want to check the ICON case, "hop pellets and hop extract". Import permit not required...
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    Canberra - Wig & Pen This Weekend

    Hopdemic, Venom and Hophead at the seasonals on the board at the moment. The theme goes well with the fresh (chinook I think) hops decorating the bar. I forget which of the beers are on which tap at the moment and which of those are through the hop-back though.
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    Soda Stream Cylinder Types

    You say they are shorter, how much so. The ones I have are 36cm from base to the top of the brass fitting. The aluminium bottles I have, and have been successfully swapping recently, look similar to yours, same graphics on teh albel and all. However, the noticable difference is the neck of the...
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    Anyone Wanna Send Me A Sample?

    Looks like chubbybat is certainly down at the moment. Crunched, I've sent you a PM with the details as an interim measure so you can try and get in touch with Dave.
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    Specific Gravity Vs Temp Chart...

    Or perhaps a comparison of hydrometer readings at specific temperatures (ex WortGames), plus a lot more.. WortGame's ready reckoner link
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    Grumpy's -- Can You Still Buy Stuff From Them

    stowaway, if you want to hunt down the original information on the "old' Grumpy's site you can try the "internet archive" or "way back machine". Internet Achive You can start with, say, the grumpy's home page maybe move on to the calculators pick up the hoegaarden clone recipe. It should be...
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    What Happened To Plonk?

    Plonk are in the process of setting up shop in new location, apparently in close proximity to where they were. One of the proprietors (Anthony) was good enough to come to the latest Canberra Brewers meeting armed with nice selection of some of their beers and gave us the run-down. They are on...
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    Wanted: 3 Tap Andale Font.

    Do you require it to be flooded? I have a 3 tap font that I've been thinking of selling as it'll be a while before I can get a suitable setup to use it so I'll probably go over to through fridge shanks. I'll send a PM with pics Darryl