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    Beer Cartel - what to buy?

    It's the original number one Borealis too, sent in whiskey barels to Australia from Norway. Hmmm, sounding like a serious investment, and I can see plenty more I'd like for that price.
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    Beer Cartel - what to buy?

    I've found a Noge O/Bridge Road Brewers Aurora Borealis online. One of my favs of all time. Certainly don't have the money now, but with that $100 Id purchase that, and some new IPAs with the change (if there is any change left :-/).
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    Hi folk

    Cheers, if I can, if love to pass on any tips I've learnt. But I think it will be me going back to the books. As I remeber, home brewing wasent as forgiving as semi large scale (1000L for a year or two, then went on to 2500L kettle/seperate mash). But my OCDs good these days, cleaning won't be...
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    Why do ALL of my can kits taste bad?

    Always prefered using two un-hopped cans, wait for it, I used to know the lingo, LME? Get boil happening, then ad hops at additions id want. More bitterness, longer boil, ad hops at start of boil, and of course your flavouring and aroma at whatever points ya fancy.
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    Hi folk

    I'm an ex semi-commercial brewer, had a few medical issues, so after 5 years brewing for a craft brewery, I've had to end it. Couldent get surgery done quick enough for the fast pace of the place, I thought I'd work for a long time there. But, time to move on I geuss. I homebrewed for 2 years...