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  1. cyrrus

    Rocket Cider

    Haha he could ferment with the power 23 yeast maybe
  2. cyrrus

    Cider Not Attenuating - Safale S04

    Sounds like it needs some yeast nutrient
  3. cyrrus

    New filter cartridge?

    Haha it does doesn't it Yeah well you might have made the decision. It says it was listed in 2006 and I don't know how accurate their website is. Not to say that it's not, I just don't know.
  4. cyrrus

    New filter cartridge?

    Nevermind found it - and a bit cheaper too Hopefully they have it in stock too
  5. cyrrus

    New filter cartridge?

    I'm in need of a new beer filter cartridge because my old one hasn't survived the passage of time. I bought the filter from so I'm looking for something like this: The only problem is that they are out of stock. Is there any...
  6. cyrrus

    Warning Noob Question Inside Cider Alc % ?

    Yeah but not as fun, and not as accurate!
  7. cyrrus

    Cider Yeast?

    Haha glad to see that I inspired some others! Mine's the same I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The OG of the juice was 1.040 so I put about 200-300g of dextrose in there as well. I ended up getting a 4766 in the end because I'm culturing some up to put in test tubes, but regardless...
  8. cyrrus

    how to make a sweeter cider?

    Has anybody tried using artificial sweetners such as splenda or the like? I don't think you'd need a whole lot of sweetening to just bring it back from 'dry' and it would also then contain less sugar?
  9. cyrrus

    Cider Yeast?

    Okay well unless anyone else speaks up (please do if you have something to say!) I guess I'll give it a shot. $20 isn't much for a gamble really although it will use up my valuable fermenter space!
  10. cyrrus

    Cider Yeast?

    Wasn't sure whether to post this in the yeast section, but I thought I'd catch the cider heads around. I'm thinking of making up a simple cider to fill up one of my empty kegs and take to a music festival coming up. Woolworths has golden circle juice on special at the moment for $2 for 2 Litres...
  11. cyrrus

    Infected yeast starter....?

    I dunno about boil over. I don't tend to use the malt at full strength for starters so havn't really had a problem. Anyways I'll stop distracting from the thread title! As you were, gentlemen.
  12. cyrrus

    Infected yeast starter....?

    The best thing you can do for your yeast starters IMO is get a borosilicate flask. They're pretty cheap online. Erlenmeyer or similar brand is what you're after. The advantage is that you can put them directly on your stove, put in some water and malt, and put some tin foil on the top. Once...
  13. cyrrus

    My First Ginger Beer

    Wow sounds spicy! I tend to find that real ginger goes a long way. What yeast are you using?
  14. cyrrus

    Bayside Brewer's Oktoberfest 2011

    LOL you know you're on a brewing forum when the guys are more interested in what beer she's drinking than the girl!
  15. cyrrus

    Infected yeast starter....?

    Was it just the lid or was there some in the actual culture? Did you remember to steralise the lid? Don't waste a beer on finding out anyway...