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    Any Central Coast Ag Brewers Out There? Would Love To Come See You Do

    G'day Willis, Just saw your post. I live at Saratoga & mash when I have a chance. I have a basic 3 tier system & your more than welcome to come over & have a look. Hopefully I will be able to help you out.My no is 0413993687. Todd
  2. crusher

    2008 Hop Plantations

    G'day fellas, hope this hasn't been covered already. I put in a chinook rhizome in early November & has been growing well & this week the buds have transformed from the hair like heads ( pic1) to the magical looking hop cones(pic2). Could anyone give me a rough estimate on maturing time...
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    Whats In The Glass Pics

    sorry about that, try again.
  4. crusher

    Whats In The Glass Pics

    One of Jazzafishs hand pumped Progress Ale from the Hills Brewers Big Brew Day.
  5. crusher

    Ahb Sydney Pub Crawl 2006

    Sorry guys, dont know how to add to list. but add us to the list plus the Deb, seeing as Mel, Janelle & where is Sandra Trev, coming. Won't have the back of my truck to myself this time though. Todd
  6. crusher

    Who's Going To Paddy's Tasting Night

    I'll be there with SWMBO , with a mate & his G/F ,so there will be a few women there. Looking forward to it. Crusher.
  7. crusher

    Re-using Trub At Bottom Of Fermenter?

    Fellas,thanks for response. I have dumped on top of primary before no problems, but what I was wondering was can you do it on trub left at bottom of secondary Crusher.
  8. crusher

    Turn Up The Heat

    Fellas, Called into Rays Outdoors last week & bought a gas burner & stand & when got home later was reading threads on burners it dawned on me that I had bought a NASA.Well that made me happy.Only problem is when turned on it only seems to burn evenly with tape over the air inlet. With air...
  9. crusher

    Re-using Trub At Bottom Of Fermenter?

    Hey Fellas' Back on re using trub from fermenter,is it possible to get a brew going from pitching on top of trub left at bottom of secondary. Reason I'm asking is I was wanting to put on a brew tomorrow & completely forgot about getting a starter going beforehand. I have a APA coming out of...
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    Wrap Up: Sydney Ahb Pub Crawl 2005

    Hey fellas, yes a great night was had by all. Thanks to everyone that came. We will have to make it an annual event. I ended up in that private function at the Lord Nelson on my way back to my truck, only lasted a few minutes before being escorted out by security. Got some cake though. Woke up...
  11. crusher

    Are You Coming To The Ahb Sydney Pub Crawl ?

    Me on pat malone, wife forgot about trip to Dubbo Zoo. Crusher
  12. crusher

    Orange Peel

    Hi guys, I am going to be brewing a belgian wit on the weekend & am after some advice on drying your own orange peel. I did a trappist like beer about 12 months ago with some dried orange peel from an asian store. & it turned out really nice. But I have been told by a good authority that I...
  13. crusher

    Avoiding Stuck Wheat Sparges

    Grunter, I spoke to him a few days ago & he was right out of rice hulls. He is Northern District brewers. 0416 107 767 is his mobile Crusher
  14. crusher

    Are You Coming To The Ahb Sydney Pub Crawl ?

    I'm up for a saturday arvo for sure, lets do it. SWMBO would definitely come as she likes a good beer as much as me, & a few of you boys have met her already. An arvo/night with a good super 12 on would top it off. ie waratahs/ highlanders or waratahs/ brumbies 16/4/05. Just an option...
  15. crusher

    How Long Is To Long (counter Flow Exchanger)

    Big Fella, Its just a very fine stainless mesh used for termite protection on buildings that I just folded up into a big tea bag & can put all hops in. At end of boil, just take out & give good clean ready for next brew. I bought it at a metal recycler from scrap bins It was about $1.00 for...