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  1. Crakkers

    Stir plate stirrer bar

    I can't really answer your first question........I just spray mine with Starsan and add it after the boil. As for getting it out, I use one of those telescopic magnetic pick-up tools - also sprayed with Starsan.
  2. Crakkers

    Grain crusher not crushing.

    You could also try giving the grain a light squirt with a spray bottle of water before milling. It works for me, but does make cleaning the knurled rollers a bit more work afterwards.
  3. Crakkers

    All About Canning - Cannular Can Seamers and More...

    That is a bugger! The price of the cans has come down though. They're not making it easy for those of us still sitting on the fence.[emoji43]
  4. Crakkers

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I'd say the alligator clips are not connected directly to the battery terminals, but to some sort of metallic strip which then slots into the terminals. Something like paper clips might do the job. Have a look at the AEG charger contacts and see if you can find something similar.
  5. Crakkers

    Uses for Empty Grain Sacks

    I fill mine up with empty cans & bottles, then take them to the recycle depot to turn them into cash, then turn that into more brewing supplies.
  6. Crakkers

    Bulk grain in Adelaide

    Beer Belly have a good variety of grain in 25kg bags at decent prices.
  7. Crakkers

    Pin lock fittings

    I think the top part of the posts on those kegs has a smaller diameter than those disconnects are used for. I ran into a similar problem when I bought some more pinlock kegs online. When they arrived, I noticed the posts were wider than my original ones. I ended up getting some of those plastic...
  8. Crakkers

    All About Canning - Cannular Can Seamers and More...

    It might be possible to get away with it in SA. There's no barcode required here and we're allowed (even encouraged) to crush the cans before taking them to the recycle depots. So if you are able to crush them enough to make them indistinguishable from a commercially canned beer/soft drink etc...
  9. Crakkers

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    So did anyone actually get to buy one of the canning machines? Yesterday the site said they would be available from 10/2/19 (today).......today they are "out of stock".
  10. Crakkers

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I think it was 202 for $39.95, so roughly 20 cents per can. I would have been more than happy to pay that, but at 50 cents, that's me out.
  11. Crakkers

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Perhaps you've been a good boy, but your maths could do with some work.
  12. Crakkers

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I've been wondering the same thing.
  13. Crakkers

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Donald Trub was looking for the dimensions of the fermentasaurus fridge, not the fermentasaurus itself.
  14. Crakkers

    There's two types of Pin lock disconnects?

    I've had 5 of the smaller diameter post pinlock kegs for 25 years or so. I bought 4 more online a few years back and when they arrived, the first thing I noticed was the larger post diameter, so my disconnects weren't going to fit them. I bought 2 sets of the larger diameter plastic ones and...