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  1. CmdrRyekr

    Boiling the alcohol out of beer for a N/A brew

    There would need to be un-isomerised alpha acids in the beer to increase IBU, but that is unlikely to be the case. What has probably happened however is that the perception of bitterness increases...
  2. CmdrRyekr

    Yeast Starter FG

    People check starter FGs? Perhaps I'm more relaxed than most, but It's done when there is clearly no activity left after 3 days :) And even then, if it's not fermented out completely, It is just a starter, after all :)
  3. CmdrRyekr

    Pomegranate Beer

    My old lady made pommygranite biscuits, I think they would work in a beer pretty well!
  4. CmdrRyekr

    No Chill In A Fermenter

    Doesn't sound like a great idea mate, be careful!
  5. CmdrRyekr

    Brew Booster

    Keep things CLEAN! Clean, clean clean. Use a good cleaner, PBW is the go, Starsan sanitiser is the other must-use. Pitch two packs of yeast, not one - Higher pitching rates are KEY to good extract. Control your ferment temps, an old/cheap Gumtree fridge will do the job - keep your ferments...
  6. CmdrRyekr


    Gotta go a bigger vessel mate! 40L is the magic batch size, two kegs and a couple of longies from that - perfect!
  7. CmdrRyekr

    SE QLD AHB Xmas-in-July 16/07/2016

    Not going to make it this year, sorry blokes!
  8. CmdrRyekr

    What type of electrical socket for the future ? 15A? 20A?

    Single phase 20A is the go mate. Then you can have a 2400w element and a pump going safely!
  9. CmdrRyekr

    Bulk Rhizomes wanted for 2016/17 hops season

    Columbus rhizomes would be awesome! Rare down under, would love some for my hop garden!
  10. CmdrRyekr

    Pilsen Profile from RO

    Could you go to Pilsen and get a water sample?
  11. CmdrRyekr


    Naa, not me mate.
  12. CmdrRyekr

    Boiling the alcohol out of beer for a N/A brew

    Naa, doesn't work mate. The beer turns out terrible.
  13. CmdrRyekr

    Pirate Life IPA

    I love their IPA! Magnificent beast of a Left Coast epic beer!
  14. CmdrRyekr

    Pirate Life IPA

    The IPA is bloody magnificent! A 6 pack gets necked before bed all too often.