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    Water purity/sterilization

    If you have a still, you can run your water through that, comes out near pitching temp as well as pure.
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    Flat Ginger Beer - Keg or Counter Pressure Filler?

    No harm in transferring them to the keg, I just done a Mangrove Jack pouch and kegged it has carb'd up nicely on my regular beer setting of 12-14psi in 7 days. I have done pre-mix kegs of cc and dry, we just buy approx 13-15 bottles depending on brand (the schweppes are 1.1ltr) and just mix it...
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    Transferring to Keg. What am I doing wrong!!

    My steps that I use: 1. Clean and stellarsan keg. 2. Charge up to 10-15psi co2, purge air out and re-charge to 10-15psi. (I travel to brew club, so I do this at home and load keg into car) 3. I connect my fill hose rig to my fermenter, approx 1.5m of beer line with a black liquid/out connect. 4...
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    Rain Water Tank Filter

    We brew from rainwater tanks (recycled UBC 1,000ltr cubes) with no filters. I hear the whole bird poo argument all the time. Look at your roof surface area vs the poo surface area on your roof, by the time the water makes the tank, there is bugger all poo in it to be honest, and to be honest...
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    HARD! Lemonade

    So after being kegged a few weeks, and some taste tests etc... Things to note, very bitter pith/peel taste present, but as I said before could be due to the thick skins on the lemons used, not overly fizzed running 14psi on the reg shared with my beer. Have found nicest with a dash of lime syrup...
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    Keezer collar - light cord

    Leave the light there and go coffin box?
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    HARD! Lemonade

    Kegged it on Wednesday @ 1002, initial warm/flat taste test is promising, not overly sweet, slight bitter pith flavour (guessing this is due to lemons having thick skins) and a mild lemon flavour, I may tap it this over the weekend for a sneaky chilled test. Will keep you guys posted.
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    Cheap kegs - what's the catch?

    I have purchased second hand with only one coming with mangled bails, but my supplier sent me a new lid when I sent him the pics through of how it arrived. All had some residue (one even had a "Litre o' Cola" in it still, pardon the super troopers pun ;) ) but I hose them out, change O rings on...
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    HARD! Lemonade

    I will hopefully be kegging this tonight as long as gravity has reached 1004-1008, my gravity at brewing was 1040, so this has it in the Coopers kit ball park at brewing, and those kits we bottle/keg at the 1004-1008 marks.
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    HARD! Lemonade

    Ok cheers, will see how it comes out once fermenting stops, cheers.
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    HARD! Lemonade

    Just threw one down last night, will be kegging this, and bottling any leftover as a comparison. With the kegged amount can I back sweeten with sugar at kegging stage as long as I get the keg chilled that night? I figured the cold crash will stall the yeast and allow me to finish sweeten with...
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    Help identifying keg post threads

    Very handy to know thank you for this, as I had a post crap out the other week and tried to change out from another keg I had and they would screw on, time to do some research and labelling of my kegs so I know which bits to stock for them. Cheers.
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    Hangover after 2 beers

    I can't drink commercial beer, it triggers a migraine with me any where between 3-6 beers in, learn't this the hard way, home brew i can drink all day and have no issue. I have tried different beers, ciders and pre-mixes, with the beers being the only trigger. All we can put it down to is some...
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    Rookie mistake.

    You will be looking at 1038 - 1040 just about all Coopers kits we do come in that window, 1004 is perfectly acceptable to bottle at, we have bottled at 1006 and 1008 before without issue.