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  1. claypot

    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Build/Advice/Question Thread

    Sweet thanks for posting that, I should of followed up for others, I ended up using a multimeter, set for resistance testing and tracked them back to find out. Should of corrected my original post diagram, thanks again.
  2. claypot

    Beer font PVC vs stainless, cost vs heat efficiency.

    "can you just weld a 5/8 stainless socket to the font and use a locknut on the shank?" I guess you could, but would have to rely on thread tape to seal it or get creative making a seal, the fitting you attached is what I used, it seals to the tap via a silicone seal, allowing easy removal for...
  3. claypot

    Beer font PVC vs stainless, cost vs heat efficiency.

    Cheers mate, It was a PITA to fit the 2 middle tap hose tail mounts but do able. Fans would definatly be easier for the font cooling but I thought the frezeer chiller would have to run more, if that doesnt worry you then I'd go with a fan for font cooling, much easier. The glycol chiller works...
  4. claypot

    WTB - Growler filler fitting for Intertap

    Hey mate, as above I just slip a piece of clear PVC tube over the normal intertap nozzel make sure it goes all the way to the bottom of the growler. I have flow control so choke it back to start. I have the KK double wall growlers I put them in the freezer prior to cool them down ( open the cap...
  5. claypot

    eBay 10 off

    Looks like it finished, missed it bugger
  6. claypot

    All Grain Efficiency Very Low - What am I doing wrong

    I was having drama with crap efficiency (60%) on my home made braumiser clone. I wanted to do full volume mash to make things quicker / simpler. I chased everything I could think of to find the loss. Even tried mashing with 20lt and sparging but the negligible increase wasn't work the hassle...
  7. claypot

    Keg King Mini Regulator - co2 bulb slowly drains to empty when disconnected?

    I've got the same reg, only used it a couple of times. First time I fitted the co2 bulb it dumped the whole bulb, via the nylon seal, bulb was as tight as possible. To me the nylon washer / seal isn't suitable for the co2 bulbs due to the surface finish on the bulb sealing face. For the second...
  8. claypot

    Chest freezer recommendations

    No I don't have a problem with mine. Maybe this might happen if people have messed around with the hinges or fitted a collar?
  9. claypot

    Chest freezer recommendations

    See this post: https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/keezer-advise-205l-hisense-chest-freezer.94131/#post-1434518 Id say you'd get 5 with a collar possibly 6 with a collar. Not sure how high the collar would need to be, possibly higher than others, I'm not home so cant measure mine.
  10. claypot

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Good guys ebay 20% off sale on again. Store pick up for free. Brings the hisense 205l chest freezer down to $301. 20% off with code PAYOFF This is how I bought mine. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-His...9b72b73b3c2&rpp_icid=57e1e809e4b0274f3744d43f Edit Report
  11. claypot

    Chest freezer recommendations

    Good guys ebay 20% off sale on again. Store pick up for free. Brings the hisense 205l down to $301. 20% off with code PAYOFF This is how I bought mine...
  12. claypot

    Chest freezer recommendations

    I'm more than happy with my hisense 205l, 4 kegs no collar and plenty of room on the compressor for other stuff. I've posted pics of it here somewhere. Has been going strong for at least a year, got it from good guys via ebay with 20% off.
  13. claypot

    Growler Upgrade - adding carb cap for counterfilling/extra carbing

    That Kilkenny looks pretty flat you should work out a way to get more co2 in it I'm more about putting the beer in the Vac growler and giving it a blast of Co2 then on me way. Tip the beer in a glass when I get there. Too much crap hanging off 2 litres for me.
  14. claypot

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Mate Mate no problem at all with that shop (Rcmodel&TripleJ) I must of spent $100's there including 3 x FC intertaps that included the handle, all kegking originals. Your rite they are the cheapest I've found too. They give a reasonable combined shipping also. I usually wait till there is an...