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    Extra beer

    There are a couple of ways of doing it. One is to have the spunding valve closed, and let the pressure build up naturally. When the pressure reaches the desired level, eg 15psi, the spunding valve is opened to maintain that pressure. I have done this, and another way is to pressurise the...
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    Extra beer

    It's a natural process, controlled by the spunding valve. You set your desired pressure on the spunding valve, and the beer ferments and carbonates. Works fabulously! There's plenty of help on the internet, and many, many videos on YouTube to help you.
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    Extra beer

    I'm in exactly your situation. I pressure ferment 23L, closed transfer 19L into a corny keg, and closed transfer 3-4L into a 5L mini keg fitted with the tapping lid. Mini Keg - Ball Lock Tapping Head (with Silicone Dip Tube)
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    Forum needs to be active so let's talk political.

    Well, for a start, they have to find her a seat in the House of Reps. Even though it's technically possible, it would be unworkable, and a nightmare for the PM to be in a different house.
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    Cheers! You have better eyes than my old ones, couldn't see it! Thanks for that.
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    Is there a list of drop-off points yet? I can't seem to find one.
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    2022 Hunter Homebrew Comp - 4th June 2022

    I'm thinking about having my first ever go at a competition. I have an Australian Sparkling Ale, a Czech Premium Lager that I'm quietly happy with, and an English Strong Ale in Fermzilla at the moment. All I have to do is to summon up the courage!
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    Yeast for Australian Sparkling Ale

    I heard somewhere that Coopers buys their kit yeast in from an outside supplier. It's an all-round yeast, and bears no resemblance whatsoever to their brewing yeast.
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    Yeast for Australian Sparkling Ale

    You might try to find the White Labs WLP009 Australian Ale Yeast. I have used it with great success in Australian Sparkling Ales. There is a rumour that it's the yeast Coopers uses, but, apart from that, it's very good. I also second the culturing from Coopers bottles.
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    Quick Oats - usage

    I seeem to remember Gash specifically recommending them, in fact.
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    Hello to all.

    Welcome! Keep us up to date with your first beer.
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    G'day from VIC

    Welcome! We've all started where you are now. Looking forward to being of help.