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    Straining Ginger Beer

    I gave my ginger and lemons a boil, then strained them into Fermzilla. The GB is delicious.
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    Mini Keg Discussion / Mods / Show Off - Dedicated Thread

    Hello, I've been using the Kegland mini kegs for the past twelve months. I have 2 x 2L, and 2 x 5L, all with tapping heads. I pressure transfer from my cornys kept in a fridge in the shed into the minis to keep inside the house. I find the KL minis to be extremely well- finished, with no...
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    Is it possible to grab the yeast from coopers cans???

    There is a lot of conjecture that White Labs 009 Australian Ale Yeast is Coopers. I've used it many times, and am very pleased with it.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I was supplied with the 0-15 with my Blowtie Spunding Valve kit. I found that the range was far too narrow for a novice pressure-brewer.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I changed mine to a 0-40 psi gauge.
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    Clever Brewing

    Their White Labs Liquid Yeast delivery service was second to none.
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    How many use bottles?

    Bottling was one of the reasons I stopped brewing 12 years ago. Pressure fermenting and kegging are the reasons I've returned.
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    Bitter orange peel vs powder

    Sorry! Bitter orange powder.
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    Bitter orange peel vs powder

    I use 1 -1.5 tbs
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    Third time lucky ginger beer

    Well, I certainly wasn't making a "smart ass comment" I was merely saying, that the recipe I use required 500g of grated fresh ginger. I used it, and it was delicious, just the right degree of ginger heat I was looking for. I then looked around for a slightly cheaper alternative to the $47/kg...
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    Whats In The Glass

    Looks delicious. Fermzilla is looking after one for me at the moment.
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    Third time lucky ginger beer

    Sorry! Yeah, sometimes it's a little hard....Give it a go, though, you won't be disappointed.
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    Third time lucky ginger beer

    1x tin light malt. I did use Morgans 500g ginger, grated, or 300ML JUICE! 2 or 3 lemons, sliced 2kg raw sugar (I'll use 1kg next time, to lower the alc) 1 x Safale 04 Boil a couple of litres of water, add the light malt, ginger and lemon Give it 20 mins or so, add the sugar, and then proceed...
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    Third time lucky ginger beer

    I won't be. The bottle is nearly 1 litre. I need 300-ish mls per brew. So, I open the nearly-one litre bottle, pour 300 or so mls into the brew, close the bottle, refrigerate or freeze it. Make brew. Repeat. Make brew, repeat. Buy new bottle, make brew, repea......
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    Third time lucky ginger beer

    I really think that some people can't understand the most basic English or maths! If 500g of ginger yields 300ml of juice, then a bottle containing 946ml of juice will yield 3x300mls, with a little left over, that I will divide equally. With me so far? So, if in 23 litres I use 500g ginger...