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    Equipment For Sale Never used Glycol chiller going cheap

    This glycol chiller is about 3 years old. I have never even plugged it in. Keg King Icemaster G40 model. comes with 10L PP Glycol and 20L of distilled water. $250 including freight to; South Coast NSW, Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle, and Metro Melbourne.
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    Equipment For Sale Brewpi 1v setup with 110L Blichman

    ***For sale complete only*** Can ship to South Coast NSW, Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle, and Metro Melbourne FOC. Offloading; - Blichman 110L vessel with genuie lid, sight gauge, 5500W high quality element and element housing with lead. No leaks. Also has TC 1.5" re-circ fitting - Stainless...
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    Recommendations for a wort chiller

    I have an Exchilerator CCFC. Highly recommended. Can get the sort of numbers the plate chiller guys are talking about but you can always run a flexible brush through it when worried.
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    Drawer rails for my mill

    I'm not sure I can fit something like this into my current arrangement, but I'd be stoked if you were willing to share sources/models of the equipment you have used. Looks bloody great!
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    SS Brewtech 1/2 BBL Chronical Fermenter

    I'll be honest... Over the long term I haven't been over the moon with my ftss 1/2 barrel setup. Rust has been a major issue despite my high level knowledge of passiviation procedures and stainless steel care. Good thing is; the internal surfaces have always been great. With respect to the...
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    FS - 6.8kg mykegonlegs cylinder. Empty. $200

    As per title. Perfect condition. Only had one fill through it. I don't live close enough to a refill station so just have a boc account now otherwise would keep it. Located south coast, Nowra vicinity. Can deliver to Wollongong or other southern areas. Also happy to post at your cost. Please...
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    2 stage glycol cooler

    So the more ideal system (in the interests of direct comparisons) is a fridge? Removes heat relatively quickly and designed to go to lower temps? How would the guts of a theoretical fridge go, with cooling coils sat in a glycol reservoir? Is this more attune to commercial glycol chillers except...
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    2 stage glycol cooler

    Hi everyone. Wasn't sure about location of this post. Hopefully this appropriate. So glycol chillers made from old air cons are a bit crap. There's freezing up of coils to worry about, longevity of compressors and such. A lot of the drama is because when used, generally some pretty warm liquid...
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    Brewer's Hardware Tri Clover

    I can confirm their quality is high! I have had response via email a few times. Can take them a week, but they're often helpful. Yes the 1 and 1.5" gear is interchangeable. Careful you don't have too many size variations though or you get shadowing which while not awful, defeats the TC...
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    Berliner Weisse starter?

    I get good results from these berliner blends although some folks say the opposite. I basically agree with hirschb with some differences. Dump the packet as normal (although you cannot make 50l with one packet of course... Berliner starters built up to a bigger cell count lose lacto...
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    HERM IT coil to hold fermentation temp - Small build

    Great experiment! I can't help with maths but see this thread: I did something similar. Having a copper coil in permanent ice on my return side reduces my reservoir temp increases significantly. My setup can hold lager...
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    New Brewery Build

    Hey moad you can get output extension boards for the bcs. Can't remember what they're called though... They're like a terminal block full of relays. Bcs forum will help you find em.
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    New Brewery Build

    An addendum to my post above: Making things 'sanitary' (i.e. sanitary-ish) at home-brew level using these tapped caps from brew hardware only really works if you have an item with male threads... not sure you can get auto's with male plumbing????? Also... I like the pots from brewershardware -...
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    New Brewery Build

    Theres a stout tank thats about 120L and has a bottom drain... would be a beautiful base for a setup. I was gonna go there but I got a bargain on a 114L blichmann. I cannot recommend TC's highly enough. Totally worth the cash. I just brewed maybe my 6th time on my full TC setup and don't feel...