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    First lager brew - stuck fermentation?

    I have a very similar problem, mine is stuck at 1.019. Not sure what to do.
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    Consistently missing FG target

    I think you are under pitching. I will sometimes do a 2L starter with a single packet for a 20L batch. If you are using dry yeast just pitch 4 packets of dehydrated yeast into your 40L batch (dry yeast is cheap) or grow up 2 packs in a 2L starter. The other thing I have read is you shouldn't...
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    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    love mine, the calibration does drift but is a great guide to see how fermentation is going and how consistent temp is. It would be better if it would log over wifi as you need a blue tooth device to log constantly, I just use and old phone.
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    all grain recipe packs

    My LHBS http://shop.beerbelly.com.au/ingredients/ready-to-brew-packs/full-mash-kit.html does recipe packs, they are simply freshly crushed mix of grain in a bag, suggested hops and yeast (but you are free to use something else). I can vouch that the ones I have tried are really good, especially...
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    Mangrove Jack keg

    I am also keen to hear how the MJ kegs are?