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    Original Gravity

    Is your preboil reading before or after sparge?
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    Embarrassing stories

    So, I have an embarrasing story to share. Today is the day I found out that refractometers do not give you a true FG reading. The last 4 months I have been scrutinising over every practice in my brewday, water profiles, salt additions, mash temps, flow rate (gen2 robo is my system), pH, starch...
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    First all grain brew done, a few follow up questions.

    How did your fermentation go? Did you reach your target FG? I have a 35L gen2 robo, for hop additions I clip a big spider to the outside of the unit. I have never had boilover issues with both elements on, maybe you have over sparged slightly and have too much wort? If you only got 19L of wort...
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    Alpha Amylase Enzyme

    I didnt have much luck with this enzyme had 2 tablets in fermenter for a week with no change in gravity
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    Low gravity

    Cheers Ben Ill try lower mash temps, my ph levels are good and my water profiles hit the 80ppm so ill try that first
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    Low gravity

    What do you mean by profile? I use a complete water profile recipe specific and I have always hit my OG or a little over, I have a temp controlled freezer for fermentation and over pitch yeast so Im just not sure why Im not getting my FG. Watched heaps of robo vids and just cant figure out what...
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    Low gravity

    Hi Smertin, let me know how your fermentation goes. Ive completed about 6 brews in the 2nd gen robo and I havent had one batch yet that has made it down to its correct FG. I have been pitching 2 packs reydrated yeast and my mash temps and sparge water temps are as close to correct as I can get...
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    Adelaide TAFE

    This is aimed at Adelaidians, has anyone here completed the Craft Beer Boot Camp held at Tafe in July? I am looking to make brewing my full time job and the cert 3 courses are full this year, just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this and whether it would help lead to employment? Cheers
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    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    Looks like a corny but needs an s coupler and purchased an opening tool from KK
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    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    Thanks for your input Ross, had I known the cost initially I wouldnt have bothered. Not everyone has an endless budget to try and make their systems better and when you get offered free kegs it sounds like a good deal at the time.
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    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    Quick update guys, grain and grape sell openers for $50 and I have purchased one as it seems like most other ways will either destroy the keg or the coupler
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    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    I can depress the 10c piece with the coupler no probs, but there is no way to turn it anti clockwise after it has depressed. I might try and source an opener from somewhere as I think this will be my type of keg and I need to learn how to open them without killing myself in the process!
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    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    Thanks ill give this a crack. Tried the 10c piece but have a keg king s type coupler and it wouldnt depress all the way to lock in and it made trying to unscrew very difficult