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    Brewday experiment

    Your point is probably correct. My boils is normally about that mark. I also don't boil partially covered.
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    Brewday experiment

    Yes Draughton no noticeable DMS - in fact no noticeable indicators it was a 30 minute boil in any way that I could pick and I have brewed many All Grain beers. .Despite the first 3 replies which possibly have missed my point, my idea was to post my observations from a home brew position contrary...
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    Brewday experiment

    We tend to do a lot of things in home brewing for sound reasons but many are based on accepted wisdom that is often just accepted and then regurgitated over time as lore without challenging why. I rarely step outside the circle of home brew lore but decided to rebel and look behind the curtain...
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    Hop combinations and why?

    I am interested to hear from other brewers and what experiences they are having. I'm not asking this question for guidance for my own brewing. I'm not interested in what xyz brewer has said he/she has heard on another forum. Also I am being reasonably pointed in asking people for their results...
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    Hop combinations and why?

    From your own experiences.
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    Hop combinations and why?

    Possibly a double barreled question. From your own experiences [not cut and paste from the net from someone else's cut and paste :) ] ---- Traditional chilling and no chilling what combination of hops play well together and what characteristics do you observe. Does the chilling method make any...
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    Yeast Farming

    Interesting revisiting this thread after all these years. A bit like chinese whispers by now :) You want to collect the milky liquid at each step as there is a very high amount of yeast in the liquid in this milky form. What you see as a yeast layer remaining at the end of each step prior to...
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    No Chill And Hops

    It does actually. One more to your post count.
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    No Chill And Hops

    I would be interested to have a couple of recipes from other brewers who use no chill along with their approach to hop usage so that I can enter the data in my SS to see how the calculations compare to the IBU's reported by who ever sends an email. Eventually I may make this available to the...
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    No Chill And Hops

    After a couple of very productive PM's with an experienced No Chiller I have purchased a cube and will set off over the hill to the wonderland of summer brewing. I posted this request on a local forum but would like as much input as possible. I've almost finished a reasonably comprehensive...
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    Beta Version Linux Native Beersmith2

    If you guys aren't aware Brad has posted a link to a beta testing version of Beersmith2 for Linux. We have been testing this for quite awhile and it is very solid "but" it is still beta. I have not encountered anything that causes my machine to...
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    Totally Unrelated To Brewing.

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    Planning A Porter Soon?
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    Hardly Surprising News..........

    Great comment -- :)
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    Recipe Grain Bills In % In Beersmith 2

    And my apology for being "short" in my reply. I'm not saying either or, just offering a versatile alternative.