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  • kittens, airlocks, brewing, hmm....
    keep this up and butters wil be calling you mini me
    Yeah projects late! Ive got so much pressure from project managers well send me the code dudes... That is okay, it would of being funny as I was totally trashed! I even fell over! mmm Hop hog
    Reputation WTF??? I can hardly damage something that doesn't exist!!!! :p
    I can hold off on the Red Death can, though my order from Ross arrived today, so looks like Sunday is BRTD Red Ale day!!!
    I've had em out in the sun over summer and thought i would chill em down in case you made it down to Melbourne.
    VB works perfectly. Perfect for reminding you how much better home brewed beer is than some commerical swill!
    look I have nearly caught up to you on the post count... how long has it taken me gosh nearly two years.
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