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  • Smartarse, wait till i sue you for trademark infringement!!!! I'll take Sherman (TM) and force it to brew!!!!!
    Good to be back. Ridiculous amount of posts to catch up on, though.
    hey chappo, I've been visiting my family on our secret island in the bermuda triangle
    Sully, please post it so we can run a 'Chappo's' head photoshopping thread!! Hey Chapps - Much ups!
    Maybe brewing is my next Career option, I used to be able to Cook but now Cooking is like Kits/Bottling, its for the "Birds"
    Chappo wants to be a builder when he grows up and build fkn houses everywhere, millions of the.......
    And wheres that BSM for the Hunter you promised to send? Sheesh....celebrity has gone to his head...:)
    Muckey appears to be stalking you....ironically, he DOES look a lot like Kathy Bates
    having queeslander in your sig is like being in the para olympics isn't it
    Awww... you took your profile pic away, lucky i have tit saved for future photoshopping...
    What you avg 1 post every 55mins of your awake time, thats if you sleep 8H a night. would that mean the building industry is stuffed or your retired at 38?
    trying to pass off photo's of butters as me! Shame on you!!
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