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  1. Camo6

    Volt meter wiring

    I'm referring to the upper drawing for 110v wiring which is similar in practice to our methods. The 240/220? V drawing underneath is invalid as the yanks use two hot legs to achieve their higher voltage level which is mainly only used for larger appliances like dryers etc. Aubers directions for...
  2. Camo6

    Volt meter wiring

    Not sure if I'd follow those Auber diagrams as they're switching the neutral to the element. This means you'll have a hard active at the heater element at all times and an open neutral when the relay is open. Very dangerous.
  3. Camo6

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Oooh ooh, I'll take one of each...............
  4. Camo6

    Sealing electric heating elements

    I'm referring to the flexibility of the copper. Flex cable has a many fine strands of copper and is therefore more resistant to strands breaking from the constant movements that a power lead is likely to receive. Stranded cable has less strands of thicker gauge copper and while more malleable...
  5. Camo6

    Sealing electric heating elements

    Stranded is for fixed cabling and isn't recommended for a flexible lead. Ask them for 2.5mm2 flex cable. It comes in black too.
  6. Camo6

    Sealing electric heating elements

    Love these cheap Chinese elements. Of all the colours they could pic for the cable sheath they choose the two colours internationally designated for earth colour coding. Which ever arrangement you choose be sure to use glands but allow yourself a drainhole in the enclosure in case of leaks. Also...
  7. Camo6

    new to brewing got question ,stc1000 fridge problem

    I have no idea what your talking about so now that makes two of us. I don't know how you've made plugging a fridge into an stc controller so complicated. For starters, don't assume black is neutral as it's an active 'colour' in other countries. And if you do suspect it is a neutral why would you...
  8. Camo6

    My New Brewshed

    How bout Bag End Brewing? I imagine anyone that entered would have to stoop like Gandalf the Gray? Looks good Grumpy.
  9. Camo6

    Who buys beer glasses from OP shops?

    I've found a few interesting glasses from op shops the best probably being a small boot from some New England tavern but my best results have been from ebay. From one seller I scored Belgians from most of the big names and a mint Gordon's thistle glass without any competing bids. It was like fate.
  10. Camo6

    The Foragers Drop

    Sorry Yob, was hoping to get there tonight but a 14.5hr shift has put me on my ass. I gotta stop working saturdays (but the double bubble is too hard for this money pig to resist). Happy Birthday mate.
  11. Camo6

    Newsflash, Sydney man buys crappy brewery and shed and makes the news

    From all the work I've seen from engineers 'on the tools', that shed is the frikkin Taj Mahal. But seriously, 10k for a Blichmann single vessel, burner, conical and plastic fermentors? Wonder about temp control. I want to see a pic of his wife's smile in 12 months time when she's realised the...
  12. Camo6

    Chest freezer recommendations

    Have you considered an upright freezer mants? While I always hear people complain that they let more heat in when opened, I find they're so much more efficient at finding what you want and organising it by date. In my chest freezer, food gets lost and forgotten down the bottom and packages get...
  13. Camo6

    VIC: NO LONGER FOR SALE: All Stainless, HERMS Triple Batch Electric Rig...

    Glad to see my friend. I'd better do the same as I just bought more grain than I've used in the last 3 years. Would love to watch you brew sometime. Any excuse to wear no pants I guess.
  14. Camo6

    Mash Master Mill Master Mini mill Bulk Buy.

    Haha! Epic! I wonder if supply will be able to keep up with demand. One things for sure, buy shares in MM now.