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    5 x corny kegs - Brisbane

    The kegs are located at Ferny Grove. I’m away till Wed 15th but could arrange pick up / meet up somewhere after that.
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    5 x corny kegs - Brisbane

    Hi Guys - I have 5 x cornie kegs for sale located in Brisbane. $65 each or all 5 for $250. Have not used for a couple of years but they all held gas then and unfortunately I don’t have gas at the moment to check them. Condition is your standard second hand cornie key... bumps and scratches...
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    For sale: Braumeister 50l with 20l malt pipe

    Looking further into this it appears the Grainfather’s price is out pricing this these days. to save shipping this overseas and installing a 15amp point I’m happy to drop this price to $1,400 and I’ll also include my 20ltr Birko Urn (outstanding condition) so that you are set up for sparging as...
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    For sale: Braumeister 50l with 20l malt pipe

    Bugger.. didn’t really think through what I posted did I! The machine is located in Brisbane, Ferny Grove.
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    For sale: Braumeister 50l with 20l malt pipe

    Have moved overseas so selling my Braumeister. $2,150 ONO 50ltr with 20ltr short malt pipe and thermojacket. Bought brand new and has probably done around 30 odd brews over time... was used but certainly wasn’t used excessively. It’s in basically perfect, used condition. No dramas...
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    Random gelitine question

    So I prepared two lots of gelitine to add to two kegs today but then had to rush out for a few hours... the gelitine mixture is in the kegs already and sealed up but I didnt get a chance to transfer the beer from the fermenters. Question is whether it will be fine to finish it off 4 hours later...
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    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIV

    I'll go a 5ltr combo please
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    German lager Grain Bill

    Mate if you have that recipe handy that would be great... I might have to get a copy of the book as well.
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    German lager Grain Bill

    If anyone has a Lowenbrau recipe that would be awesome!
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    Best option for a new fermenter

    Bribie - would out be Able to run us through your process for using the kegs as fermenters? I have a few spare kegs and feel this could increase the number of lagers I have on the go at any one time.
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    Heated Digital Stirplates

    Enough of the chit chat gents! I've got a yeast forge on back order and some cold yeasties!
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    [GC] 9.5L Keg - $90 or swap for 19L keg

    Hey mate I'll swap a good condition 19ltr for this if you like? It is one bought from Craftbrewer and works perfectly well. I can send through photos later today if you like.