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    Have I Screwed Up?

    That temp is too high for ideal fermentation. Have a look at DCL Yeasts website for the saflager details. A high temp will change the flavour of your beer, so it won't be as nice as it could be. Don't sweat on it (no pun intended) just try to brew it cooler next time. How to do that? Obviously...
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    Cracked Fermenter

    If there is a crack above the 'water line' of the fermenter it may not cause much problem. Infection can only come from within the wort or if it can get in from the outside. If you are questioning that there is indeed a crack, it is likely to present only the smallest possibility for nasties to...
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    Brisbane Bottleshops

    Try 'The Grape'. Its got quite a wide range and the fellas I talk to seem to know a bit about them. I live in Brisbane too, so if you find another good recommendation, let us know.
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    Munich Oktoberfest

    I really enjoyed the NFOB. My favs were the Kolsch and a Castlemaine XXX ale. Coopers homebrewing was there and I was keen to try their wares. Because if anyone should be able to get their methods and ingredients right it should be them. Shouldn't it? So why did they insist on kit and kilo...
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    So Wot's The Story Behind The Handles

    Just a shortened surname. Why do we Australians have a fascination with shortening everything? I remember once an English friend being so impressed that even 'Vee Double U' (you know, the car) was too long for us Aussies so we called them 'dubs'. Long live our 'kulture'. :)
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    Bleach As A Sanitiser

    Johnno, I've got a pool and always have 20 or so litres of strong bleach available. I use it because its so easy, just chuck things in a solution overnight and its both a cleaner and sanitiser. When I starting using it, I too was worried but have found a method of using it that doesn't seem to...
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    Cant Find 7oz Pilsner Glasses

    Good idea. We've got the inaugral members. We've got the location. Is anyone else out there part of a club? How is it organised? :huh: Do people just rock up to a set location on a set date to drink and swap war stories or is it more formalised with topics discussed, methods shown etc before...
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    Cant Find 7oz Pilsner Glasses

    Old fogey? Parochial and stingey too! Can't handle big beers with southern names? I bet you resist wearing neck ties to the office too. :D And lets see, you brew 23l for between $15-20 and you can't afford to give your neighbours and extra 85ml? :P BTW looking forward to tasting your latest...
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    Recipe Calcs

    I suppose it would depend on whether you were adding the entire starter to the wort or just the sediment. If you add the lot, then use the full 500g in your calcs as long as you include the volume of the starter as well. After all this really is just 850ml of partially attenuated wort. If you...
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    Cost Of Copper Tube For A Wort Chiller

    I just add ice to my wort to cool it. If the ice is food-grade, and I am topping up with non-sterilised water then whats the diff? I have heard that most infection from ice comes from the surface which is likely to be 'sanitised' when contacting the hot wort anyway. Cools it down v rapidly...
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    The Best Home Brew Bottle Ever

    I bought one of these as a birthday present for a friend. Of course I was hoping to get the empty back for homebrewing. It was $15 at a local bottlo. In a similar vein, I was in another bottleshop yesterday and noticed a World Cup Rugby-themed magnum with cork.... Not bad looking, good as a...
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    I've not had the taddy porter (yet) but I think this quote was interesting... One of the worlds five best beers.Michael Jackson I've just bought some Boags Honey Porter to taste and been given a Cascade Winter Warmer (thanks Snow). Once these have been tasted, I'm off for a Taddy and an Aventinus
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    Cider Taste

    As a b/day present I got given a Brigalow Cider kit which I made up as a simple 'kit & kilo'. Temps when brewing were kept at what I thought was reasonable, about 18C to 22C. I had my first taste the other day with mixed results. There was this taste I couldn't identify (and didn't like) and...
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    Storage Questions

    Err sorry for being a bit thick about this. I just need to restate what I think I've read to make sure I've got it straight. 1.) If you take if off the trub after FG has been achieved then it can be stored for an extended period, ie the less sediment the better 2.) CC / lagering increases the...
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    Storage Questions

    Isn't the English language great! There is a word for everything. Can't say I'd heard of ullage before. Deebee, I hadn't thought of it in quite the manner you described. Thanks. Accordingly I will now adjust my methods. But why is it different sitting on a yeast cake in a fermenter to sitting...